Desert Island

New Music Friday: 4-28-17

Not wanting to get into the debate between Spotify or Apple Music, or algorithms vs human curation, I’ve been paying closer attention to the My New Music Mix that updates on Fridays. Last week I remarked how it really gets me and this week, not half way into the list I’ve already discovered two new to me artists that I feel like I should have already been familiar with. Garland Jeffreys a more R&B style artist, though I want to dig deeper and hear the depth of his style. On the bluegrass spectrum Tim O’Brien has been making bluegrass for a long time and from reading a little about him, his music has been at the forefront of the genre for quite some time as well.

Not every track is monster right away, but it makes for a break from the go-to artists, and maybe, someday one of these will be on that stranded on a desert island album list. Just maybe.

Jonathan Prozzi and I have challenged one another to make a post about improving our websites once a week. Here’s mine! Back in 2008 I started a new blog on Wordpress. It seemed like a good idea! Maybe I would post some useful things and someone would offer me a job! I wanted to allow discuss...

I think you mean Octopress based on Jekyll, not WordPress. Before switching away, I got close to storing webmentions in Jekyll _data files. I still get twitchy thinking about Jekyll. Someday I think I’ll return.