A Week with Chrome – Prologue

Going to try an experiment and switch to Chrome as my primary browser for a week. I have been happily using Safari Technical Preview as my primary browser since 1Password integration started working (and stock Safari before that).

For work stuff, I still test in stock Safari (along with Chrome,Chrome Canary, Firefox and FirefoxNightly). But day-to-day browsing, it’s been Safari. There was a rough patch with resources in Safari tabs, but that’s a distant memory at this point.

One of the big reasons for using Safari was the tabs/history sync with iOS Safari. However, that’s been buggy/spotty for a few weeks, and I’m not exactly excited about debugging. Maybe I need to get off the public beta track in iOS.

Anyway, my first experiment is going to be Chrome. As much as I’m in a browser, I’m thinking one week should be sufficient for testing. Then a week with Firefox. What I can’t decide is if I should do a week with the stock browser and a week with nightly since I am using STP as my primary browser.

Now to just remember where in macOS to bloody change the default browser…

Edit Yeah, I knew, System Preferences -> General (but it used to be in Safari if I recall).

Clipboard Management on macOS

Speaking of Alfred App, catching up on my RSS feeds, over at MacDrifter, Gabe shares a great tip on appending items to your clipboard. I’ve been using Alfred’s clipboard manager for quite some time, but this was new to me.

Previously, I used a Popclip extension to append an item to the previously clipped text. (There are a ton of useful extensions if you aren’t familair with PopClip).

I’ve tried just about every app on the market, but Alfred’s pop-up window is so ingrained in my muscle memory, that I actually use the clipboard manager there. Ocassionally I need to share a link from iOS, but now that there’s a universal clipboard, that’s about solved.

I’d love any other Alfred clipboard tips if you have them.