Open Hack Night with Code for Tampa Bay

Open Hack Night with Code for Tampa Bay

Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017, 6:30 PM

Tampa Bay WaVE
500 E Kennedy Blvd #300 Tampa, FL

8 Community Stewards Attending

**** New DATE!!! Let's start meeting first Wednesday of month because Eddie & Sam's Pizza is closed on Mondays -- ****Code for Tampa Bay is a Code for America Brigade working to use technology to make government services more user friendly and government information more accessible.Our meetings are open to anyone interested in helping with ongo...

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UNEARTHED | Michael Pollan recently repeated the assertion that junk food is cheaper because of subsidies. The real reason is something else.

Interesting look at how farm subsidies probably don’t contribute that much to to the cost of cheap junk food. But by that logic we should do away with them altogether.

I’m looking for an outliner!Why I’m lookingI’ve been creating outlines since high school. I started with pen and paper, then moved to text editors—first Word, then Google Docs, and finally, plaintext files. I’ve been creating plaintext outlines for about 5 years. I typically save my outlines as Markdown and export them using Pandoc if they need to be shared with other folks. I use outlines to take notes, plan projects, create documentation, and as todo lists. I’m a plaintext junky. Whenever and wherever I can, I use plaintext. I edit plaintext with either Neovim, VimR, or nvALT depending on whether I’m in the command line or not. The major hiccup in my plaintext-outline-life is when it comes to editing and creating plaintext outlines on the go. Typically, I use Coda on iOS…which is very much like bringing a siege weapon and a concrete mixer to a Pokémon card tournament. Coda is a spectacular piece of software, but very much not meant for maintaining plaintext outlines, notes and todos. I need a new tool. I want to supercharge my outlining workflow. I’m on the hunt! I’m looking for more than an iOS plaintext editor, I’m looking for a full(ish) featured outliner. What I’m looking forCross platform, both macOS and iOS (or web-based) Document syncing (Dropbox or SFTP preferable) Ability to reorder items in a list Preferably scriptable (e.g. I’d like to be able to setup reminders triggered off of certain markup so that I can use outlines as task lists…but this may be asking a lot) ContendersOmniOutlinerPlatformiOS macOS ProsSeems to be the tried and true tool for this kind of thing OmniGroup seems to be leaning into the whole scriptability thing lately ConsA wee bit expensive since I’d need to buy both the desktop and basic iOS clients Not 100% certain how interoperable their file formate is WorkflowyPlatformWeb “Desktop,” e.g. electron app iOS ProsI already have an account 250 free notes a month ConsWeird to say, but it is just really ugly, aesthetically TaskPaperPlatformmacOS ProsPlaintext 😁 I love how minimal this app is. It brings almost all of the functionality I’m looking for to what is ostensibly just plaintext! ConsPlaintext 😐 The biggest downside I’m seeing here is that there is no native first-party iOS client. Because the taskpaper file format is simply a set of rules around how to mark up a plaintext file, though, I could use something like Drafts or iA Writer for my mobile needs Other Thoughts@jthingelstad recommend that I also check out mind mapping applications. I’ve been doing a big of research there, too, but don’t think they fill the role with what I’m looking to do, mostly because they don’t mesh wicked well with my way of thinking. I like to think things together, nested parentheticals In writing this post, I’ve come to wonder if the real solution would be to separate concerns a bit? Find an app other than Coda for editing and creating plaintext on iOS (Drafts, perhaps?) Start to use a more feature-rich todo manager other than SwiftoDo At this moment I’m leaning towards OmniOutliner or Taskpaper…but I’m incredibly indecisive when it comes to this sort of thing, so who knows. Input always welcome! by eli eli (
The biggest downside I’m seeing here is that there is no native first-party iOS client. Because the taskpaper file format is simply a set of rules around how to mark up a plaintext file, though, I could use something like Drafts or iA Writer for my mobile needs

I’d take a look at Editorial for an iOS app that supports TaskPaper tasks as well as text editor. I have also used Taskmator for iOS. I’m looking at a new workflow now that will use TaskPaper again.

Here’s Where We are at with the Tax Bill

So, I know you are probably busy and the news is coming at you so fast you can’t keep up and are getting to that overwhelmed oh fuck it point. I get it. I’ve had the free time to really follow what’s going on, so thought it might be good to share something as concise as possible.

Yes, the Senate passed the tax bill at 1:51am EST Saturday.

But that doesn’t mean it goes straight to Trump to sign. This whole monstrosity of a bill is being done through a budget reconciliation process so they only needed 51 votes in the Senate. The Senate passed their own version of the bill.

Which means, since it is different than what the House passed, it has to be reconciled. That is done with joint committees from both the House and the Senate. They are tasked with haggling over the differences and rewriting those sections – take it out, reword, juggle wording, etc.

Once they agree on the changes, the new hybrid bill has to be voted on again by both the House and Senate. So if there were specific sections of the bill stuck in to “buy” a vote (Arctic Wildlife Refuge drilling for Murkowski in AK for instance) that get removed in committee, that means they may have lost a vote. This is hypothetical and I have no idea what the House will do with that section. I have seen a letter from House Republicans against the provision though.

However, and a big however, there is one more option. The House could vote straight up or down on the Senate version. If they passed that, it would go straight to Trump. So far, Speaker Paul Ryan has said that isn’t going to happen. You may take his word more than I do.

What can you still do then? Keep calling or writing to your representatives. Tell your friends to do the same. The House must vote one more time either way, and a strong chance the Senate will have to vote again.

It is not over.

look, we don’t have to agree on guns & abortion, but we should be able to agree that ballooning the deficit for corporate tax cuts during a record breaking stock market doesn’t make sense. Call your representatives and tell them how you feel about this.

Take 1 on blackening spice rubbed, cold smoked tofu with red beans in the Instant Pot. Maybe less smoke next time. Also, I’ve cooked a metric ton of rice and this was the easiest, best batch of white rice ever.

🔖 Everything an open source maintainer might need to know about open source licensing

There’s lots of internet lore around open source licensing. As an attorney and an open source developer, here’s my answers to common open source licensing questions.

IndieWeb on WordPress — Island in the Net

The first time I saw the result of the combination of Webmentions, Semantic Linkbacks, Bridgy and Post Kinds I was hooked. I wish I had discovered these plugins sooner. When I tweet out a link to a post and someone tweets a response to that post, the tweet is imported to my originating post. My tweet response to that tweet is also imported. I find that useful and just darn cool. There are a few challenges, however.

Khürt does a great job of sharing his experiences with WordPress and IndieWeb, and is an inspiration to continue working on the theme I’ve been toiling with the past year.

FJ de Kermadec on Twitter

Curious why you think that. Content is still at the URL, a RSS feed is just one way to consume that content. Not sure how using a hosted microservice to generate that method diminishes the premise of owning one’s content.