I know it’s been a long day but I swear I just saw an Adobe commercial on MSNBC. And the only way I know it was Adobe was because it said it at the end. Otherwise I thought it was some hotel.

scp always seemed difficult to me & I would just use a GUI SFTP client. Just had need to use it. After previously setting up .sshconfig, can now scp file.md server:/path/to/file.md & I’m how did I not learn this sooner?

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Then we need to do a better job teaching that it is often the journey that is most rewarding

First, read this brilliantly written piece by @MaryEllenKlas http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article200638669.html then read this bio of @Book4Senate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauren_Book I want her to replace Rubio in 2022

thinking about high school students, and how they’re first gen to grow up with school shootings. They’re also first to have grown up with social media. What’s Twitter, 11? They’re 16-17? Not suggesting they’re related, pointing out they grew up with viral content & its impact.

Had to pull the Jedi mind trick today of saying “what I’m hearing you say” and repeat back to the person what they said in effort to resolve an issue. 4 people later the issue was resolved with no more questions asked.

indeed it did.

So here are the NBC troll tweets in a searchable sql database on a free Heroku instance thanks to Simon’s work. https://safe-basin-37488.herokuapp.com/troll_tweets-b5b80a9/tweets

What might get lost in the national attention on FL HD 72 special election is @alisonmf Alison Foxall. We don’t agree on everything, but I applaud her for sticking by her principles and offering her public service to represent her neighbors.

Moving Towards Responsible Images in WordPress

Yesterday I mentioned I was looking for a way to optimize images for posting via iOS. This morning I discovered that ImageOptim has an API and a corresponding WordPress plugin

ImageOptim dashboard showing 80% reduction in size on 5 images

Couple that with the S3 offload for images I’m already doing, it’s looking like a nice path towards serving responsible image file weight without a lot of manual twiddling.

Caveat is there is a $9 a month fee, but that coves 1000 optimizations a month. I won’t be posting anywhere near that many images, even if I do it across multiple sites. I’m on the free trial but it’s a bit vague what the trial length is or if there is a certain number of optimizations before the fee kicks in. Then I’ll decide if the efficiency is worth a couple of cups of coffee a month.