This is a reminder to myself that when you update PHP_CodeSniffer via homebrew, you may need to reset the path to the WP coding standards. That’s what that unhelpful red error is in Atom means.

Where might one submit an issue for the main GitHub website? Repo URLs are using a generic meta description for GitHub, not the repo summary. The Open Graph description tag is correct.

I use Tweetbot both on Mac & iOS to consume Twitter. It still has a true chronological timeline. However with the pace of news these days, when someone retweets “Breaking News” headlines from 9am @ 5pm (which happens a lot these days), chronological takes on a whole new meaning.

Baker’s Dozen

Thirteen years ago today I purchased this domain. According to Wayback Machine I referred to March 15th as my official “Hello World.”

Which was about a week and a half after WordPress 1.5 was officially released. It wasn’t a coincidence. I’d been toying with starting a blog for a couple of months, looking at all of the “free” options and being unsatisfied. Digging deeper, I found WordPress. This was still 1.2 with no real theme or plugin system – my-hacks.php y’all. Anyway, I started playing with the beta and figuring out how to get it installed on a shared server with “pretty permalinks”. Soon after the stable release I settled on a url and jumped in.

About the name—I get this question often. Back in the days of arcade and console games when you got a high score or save position, often the user name was 3 characters. My initials never clicked for me so I used MIK. In high school, I was Michael B. Somewhere between the 2 I came up with the user name miklb and it was a short domain and truthfully, I didn’t know what I was doing. Also, all variations of Michael & Bishop were taken, dominated by a star college quarterback in Kansas.

Armed with Smultron, Cyberduck and a desire to make my own website and blog, here I am, writing this post in Atom Editor(very much the Smultron of today), which will make it’s way to a blog post on a site running a very much different version of WordPress than where it started.

Thank you to every single one of you who’ve provided help, insight and friendship along this journey.

I still think the solution is to tax the fuck out of bullets. Want your gun, fine. But bullets that fit an AR 15 are going to be like throwing $100 bills every time you pull the trigger.

ME: I’m going to crush today.
ANXIETY: You’re a failure.
ME: No, I’ve accomplished some big goals the last 2 months.
A: No one will hire you.
ME: That’s not true, I just need to find the right place.
A: Check your inbox.
ME: …

I’m good, just a peak at thing going on in my head