I was struck last night that within this awesome tax cut bill, they didn’t make plans on how to update w-2 forms so payroll companies/small businesses don’t have a clue how to implement in 12 days.

Dear WordPress theme developers – please do not arbitrarily stick the microformats class hfeed into your theme without understanding its use. Better to omit than improperly use it. kthanxbai

All due respect, I’m sick of seeing your LinkedIn posts and tweet storms about what the WordPress community should do and what the “future” of WordPress is.

This is a bad argument as a lot of people would rather pay for a service vs having ads shoved down their throat.

Had a hiccup with my VPS after it was moved and network services not restarting due to a bug in sendmail. Thankfully Linode support was familiar with the bug and helped me resolve it. The takeway for me is I need to automate those DB backups to offsite ASAP.

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Remote Goals for IWC Austin

In no particular order, the things I’m hoping to accomplish remotely during IWC Austin https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indiewebcamp-austin-2017-tickets-39918084064

  • Pull Request for IW WordPress plugin for automating grunt task to build README.md
  • document basics for contributing documentation to README.txt in IndieWeb WordPress plugins
  • and drum roll please 🥁…launch profile site

What are your IndieWeb plans this weekend?