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made the most delightful brunch-y dish with left over steamed white rice, perfectly ripe tomato & avocado, soft boiled egg & shallot chives. Putting that in my back pocket for future experiments. Maybe add @kittenwithawhip’s InstantPot lemons & toasted sesame next time.

I disagree Matt. I use my WordPress blog as the one true source mostly (I can get lazy) & syndicate it to Twitter & FB. Everyone could be doing that. And I honestly don’t care if there’s a commercial motive, I just wish those that are hedging that way would say it and move on.

Me: I’m feeling particularly anxious today.
Anxiety: Heeellllllooooo muthafucka.
Me: This doesn’t make sense. I got to get outdoors yesterday.
A: mmhhmmm.
M: And I’ve been really productive.
A: tell me more…

As if I don’t have enough useless project ideas, I’m toying with a “close ⚾ alert” bot for Twitter to let you know about 1/2 run games post 7th ininnig. Maybe also no-hitter alerts. $3 a month for API access…

Trying to figure out what it says that the Allbirds ad in my NY Times Cooking email was for women’s shoes. Have they not figured out who I am yet or are the women’s shoes better than the mens?

I wonder if why my experience with Apple Music is better than what I generally hear because I have 15+ years of digital music I’ve purchased. Music I’ve mixed and created playlists out of to build a profile a profile for me.

Thank you Collen, Kristen, Susanna & Marianne for being such a great team. This hackathon project has been such a wonderful experience and has helped restore my faith in what technology can do 🙌

Working with entry level developers and trying to hammer point to open issues for features, not leave idea to die on the vine in a Slack channel. Good reminder for every level.