I’ve seen this get raked a few times. Slack is a product, and they have decided to provide the best experience in their apps, then Chrome browser, then everything else. I use the macOS app, can’t see advantage of using browser. None.

Just a suggestion, but if you are running for something in a district, show a map of the district on your website as well as have accessible description of the district boundries.

🔖 Open Source Program Case Studies: Autodesk // TODO: Talk openly, develop openly

TODO: talk openly, develop openly. We believe we can better improve our open source programs - and our contributions to the open source movement as a whole - by working together.

Today was one of those personally rewarding days where get to check off items that have been on a list for a long time. Lots of smaller tasks to get to this point, so seeing long term project complete is fuel for the next one.

One thing I didn’t see touched on in the Times piece on buying bot followers, does Twitter Verified use # of followers as a metric? Can someone call themself an “expert” buy a bunch of followers and get verfied that way?


Time to Break a Bad Habit

This morning this tweet, part of a thread, struck a nerve with me

I am guilty of this often when it comes to writing code. I spend a lot of time thinking through how the functionality will work mixed with research (read: Googling similar functions). To the point I don’t start writing code because I haven’t completely figured it out, rather than write the part that I have, and work from there.

I’ve been slowly working towards a new theme for this site as I move towards my goal of a public profile. Rather than coding out the scaffold and starting to fill in the pieces I know how I want to look and act, I’ve been waiting until I have a clear picture of the finish site.

That’s not practical for my own site, and definitely not practical for client work.

Time to break a bad habit.

How soon until Rs see writing on wall and cut Trump loose. Pence names Ryan VP, McCarthy gets speaker. They pivot back to guns & abortion with a nod & wink to the racist base they’ve always had and win back their votes. Feel like I’ve seen this movie.