All I’ve eaten since I bought this loaf too hot to touch out of the oven yesterday. I have zero regrets. Yes, that’s a second stick of butter.

cutting board with cuban bread, butter and honey.

You know that feeling you want to yell something from the mountain top but don’t want to jinx anything then start feeling the self doubt?

Yeah, me neither. Hope you rock your week.

Is there anything worse than asking a question and someone chiming in “hey, use my tool instead of that toatally capbable tool you are already using” and still not answering the original question?

Today’s lesson brought to you by echo '<pre>' . print_r($commits_response['0'], true) . '</pre>'; never once thought to wrap the output in pre tags before seeing it today.

Tampa May Meetup = Summer Projects

Monday, May 7, 2018, 6:00 PM

Entrepreneur Collaborative Center (ECC)
2101 E. Palm Avenue Tampa, FL

21 Community Stewards Went

We'll be catching up on member projects and getting things squared away for August National Day of Civic Hacking event(s). Our guest speaker for our May meeting will be announced soon. If you'd like to be in our Slack workspace, please send your request to [masked] and if you'd like access to the GitHub repository, please email Chris at CLWi...

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Couldn’t seem to find a WP plugin for easily embedding details about a GitHub repo based on the URL so I’m building one, but in case I missed something, anyone familiar with such a a tool?

The ocean has healing powers. Go with it.