Cards (Inclusive Components)
Some of the components I've explored here have specific standardized requirements in order to work as expected. Tab interfaces, for example, have a prescribed structure and a set of interaction behaviors as mandated by the WAI-ARIA specification. It's at your discretion how closely you follow these requirements. Research may show

As the histimines sweep over me, wrapping me in the sweet, sweet death of being suffocated by my own mucus, I just want people to know…
I still stopped to smell the flowers.

My initial take is that Micro$oft acquiring GitHub is it could (should) be a good thing. Feels like GitHub product teams have been throwing a lot of crap against the wall to see what sticks. Hopefully this will help focus efforts. Also turn Atom Editor & the desktop app over to the community and focus on improving Code, which is already superior to both.

I was talking to a GitHub sales rep this week & when he said keep an eye out for some stuff, I’m pretty sure getting acquired by Microsoft wasn’t what he was talking about.

An Open Tabs sweep by <span class="h-card p-author">Adrian Tritschler</span> (
Inspired by I thought I’d do a sweep across my open browser tabs – what’s there, and why. I tend to keep the number of open tabs to a minimum, anything banked up “for when I get around to it” is bookmarked in my org-mode notes. Pinned ...