Hey friends – if you are looking for an outlet beyond Twitter, might I suggest micro.blog ? Can configure to cross post to Twitter so you don’t have to give it up yet, but is a big step towards an independent web.

reminding myself to check back on the replies to this tomorrow. Already a trove of great ideas!

Top 5 iOS Apps of 2017 by Gabe Weatherhead (macdrifter.com)
…but when I just want to quickly grab text or a link it goes into Apple Notes. It’s not a great text editor, but the multi-platform support makes it a great place to stash ideas or quotes.

And just like that, after the previous bookmark about syncing this post about why Apple Notes is in his top 5 list provides an aha moment. Write in Ulysses & take/store research in Notes. Done & Done.

2017 The Year I Stopped Worrying About Syncing by Gabe Weatherhead (macdrifter.com)
Photos show up everywhere with Apple Photos app, my music library and custom play lists are always available through Apple Music. I barely think about the mechanics of how my data moves between devices.

This really has been my experience too. I gave Notes a try, but moved back to nvAlt. I’m currently using Ulysses, mostly because I do like the writing experience and wanted to get more familair with it. Still not sure it’s a place for reference notes.

Sometimes in my excuberence around the IndieWeb I find myself not posting because I’m not doing it right, forgetting the idea of self publishing really is at the root. Don’t let the plumbing get in the way of speaking and sharing.

Open Tabs Vol I

My current open tabs (or how I don’t really have an effective to-read system)

A Youtube video of one of my favorite singer/songwriters filmed at our local community radio station – Cory Branan – The Vow + Jon Snodgrass & Ben Marwood – The Chicken Legend (Hiddentrack)

Nola.com article on a cookie recipe that is a rift on a chicory cofee meringue by Judy Walker Coffee and chicory cookie recipe

And the recipe they used as starting point ICED COFFEE COOKIES

I’m intrigued by the idea of this cookie as my favorite local coffee, Naviera is a Cuban style espresso with chicory.

A blog post about routines and not being a morning person Daily Notes

Best of list of food wrrting at Southern Foodways Alliance Cornbread Nation 2017

Jekyll plugin for adding Algolia search to your static site Jekyll Algolia Plugin

A David Simon post about his family, failed immigration laws Old faces and fresh dishonor

Not exactly sure but an animated Christmas short starring the band The Gloassary A VERY GLOSSARY CHRISTMAS

And finally, Advocacy Tools from ACLU FL

In a proper IndieWeb world, these would all be marked up as bookmark-of but I’ve not come up with an easy way to dump tabs to that that markup and well, I just wanted to document my diverse interests at a given moment.