just curious if you’ve used hashtags on Twitter to any degree to compare the engagement.

these are great. Any tips on how to nudge someone in an open source project to adopt them?

↪️ HWC 2018-01-09 Wrap Up

HWC 2018-01-09 Wrap Up (jonathanprozzi.net)
Homebrew Website Club Baltimore had the first meetup for 2018 at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on Tuesday, January 9th. Here are the notes from the broadcast portion of tonight’s gathering! jonathanprozzi.net – Drafted first post of the year! Not posted yet as still adding more det...

Perhaps this recent tutorial WordPress on Amazon cloud would be useful for the activity for a HWC. I do like that idea of having ~ 1 hour tutorials/tasks that users can jump in and follow, regardless of platform.

If you pay someone for a consensual sexual encounter or pay them to be quiet about it for whatever reason, I don’t care. That’s between you, your morals and significant other.

Hey all. I’m pretty bad at the self-marketing thing, but I’m working on setting up a formal side business (yeah, I know) and am looking for short/long term contract work. Support, WordPress/web dev & ops, junior dev ops, project managment.

that’s what a webmention is – a post on my blog in reply to someone else’s post. Just like how I’m using my site to create this reply that goes to Twitter.

One of the great things about micro.blog is people are having conversations, currently there’s one about fountain pens going on in my timeline. Seeing the web as a social media platform is exciting & I’m happy to be a part of it.