gosh dangit I’ve been procrastinating on something too long. Putting my head down, digging into @jensimmons Layout Land and getting this done. If you don’t hear from me in a week, the minotaur got me.


Listening to pundits discuss if Pelosi should pre-emptively withdraw her name from being considered for Speaker of the House if Ds take majority & just throwing out Speaker John Lewis has a pretty nice ring to it.

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As I’m reading these @EagleEyeMSD articles http://eagleeye.news/news/florida-legislature-passes-gun-safety-proposal-named-in-honor-of-msd/ http://eagleeye.news/feature/senior-brandon-huff-tries-to-run-into-freshmen-building-to-save-his-girlfriend/ I discovered that it is a WordPress site and I’m...

If I told anyone 10-12 years ago advocating for self-publishing on the web a high school thrust to the center of a tragic event would be using WordPress allowing teens planning to be doctors write about the events from their own perspective, they’d say it was worth every effort.

So I did that thing where two smart women were talking and I butted in asking if a dude had written about the thing they were discussing & sure enough, it was one of said smart women who wrote it, not the dude.

Don’t be me.

Apologies again @BraveTart & @rubyjnkie

This is a reminder note to blog about using a newer version of certbot with an existing letsencrypt conf and it not doing what you think it should do. (hint, it created example.com-0001 along with existing example.com)

say it louder for the people in the back 👊

This is a reminder to myself that when you update PHP_CodeSniffer via homebrew, you may need to reset the path to the WP coding standards. That’s what that unhelpful red error is in Atom means.

Where might one submit an issue for the main GitHub website? Repo URLs are using a generic meta description for GitHub, not the repo summary. The Open Graph description tag is correct.

I use Tweetbot both on Mac & iOS to consume Twitter. It still has a true chronological timeline. However with the pace of news these days, when someone retweets “Breaking News” headlines from 9am @ 5pm (which happens a lot these days), chronological takes on a whole new meaning.