Oatmeal || Posted August 16, 2017

What do folks use to manage local PHP versions? I've been using MAMP for years, but wondering if I should switch to homebrew and homebrew-php since I use homebrew for just about everything else?

I use homebrew to install/update php, but I don’t do much testing across versions. I’m not aware of a php version manager like there is with rbenv for Ruby (I think there is a nvm for node as well.)

I also homebrew for my local LEMP stack.

Not giving up on IndieWeb

I know this only an ego trip, but I'd like to get back to having comments enabled on my website. That part is actually quite easy. There is a good Comments plugin for Grav that I have tested locally and it does a nice job. More than comments, though, I want IndieWeb comments. That is, I want people ...

Good on you for not giving up. I think great leaps have been made even in the last year to make IndieWeb more accessible to people without a background in programming/web development.

Micro.Blog is a good example. Webmentions on Perch will help move the needle. As more platforms adopt them, the less hoops to jump through.

I’m excited by its future, and appreciate everyone who’s putting in the effort to get it working now. I do find that once you get it working, little effort is required to maintain it. Now it just feels like magic.