Favorite New World Brewery Shows

It is hard to say favorite, I’ve seen so many great shows at that venue. Certainly the My Morning Jacket and Crooked Fingers shows were epic.

Wil Johnson rolling in on his motorcylce and playing a heartfelt solo set still stands out. Jimmy Rice and WIl Quinlan getting together at the Paul Moroz memorial was one of the most emotional moments I experienced on that deck.

Corey Brannan and Jon Snodgrass on a chilly December evening was everything right about music at New World.

A photo of Mike O’Neill shot by Danny McGuire hangs on Mike Kennedy’s wall, taken at a New World show, personifies everything about Michael and his music.

And then there was the time the Blue Rags were shut down by the noise police so they belted out a capella This Land is your Land

I’m sure there are shows I don’t even remember, or were just part of the fabric of an evening playing foos ball.

I know New World will go on and more great shows will come, but there will never be the same thing as packing under the patio with a bunch of your friends listening to music.

Thank you to all of the staff and musicians that helped create those experiences.

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