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I hadn’t heard of uBar until this deal at Apple World Today popped up in my feed.

I normally hide the dock but on my 11″ Air, but still wind up hovering over the dock distracting what I’m doing, or just get lost with so many open apps that I need to find it via the Dock. UBar covers that purpose plus more all the while in a more compact way which is great on that machine. I downloaded the demo and was instantly sold on the 50% deal.

I look forward to exploring the customizations and recommend checking it out if you like the idea of a more customizable and compact dock replacement. It also has an advanced option to completely hide the default dock, otherwise you can move them around to different sides of the screen. Which might be handy to have 2 different areas on a larger screen.

🔖 Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs

Safari Should Display Favicons in Its Tabs
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It might sound silly if you’re not a heavy user of browser tabs, but I am convinced that the lack of favicons is holding back Safari’s market share.

As a Safari user, interesting to read. I tend to use ‘pinch closed” trackpad gesture on my Air to see where a tab is, but I can see the argument for favicons.

As to the asethic issues, I’m sure Safari could look for a grayscale png in the same way app icons can be served with meta tags.

Note: I posted this in the Setapp Slack channel, but feel it needs to be said publicly.

It must be frustrating to see the people posting in FB wanting to squeeze more out of Setapp for less. For me, it’s a steal @ $10 a month. I have no expectations of Omnigroup apps or other widely used expensive apps, or a subset of apps for less. I do appreciate seeing new niche apps and small developers added, but c’mon people, respect the work these developers put into their work.

If you are a Mac user and haven’t looked at Setapp yet, I highly suggest you do. Lots of great apps and utilities for a mere $10 a month. And if you use my link I get a free month.