Damn near 50 & just realized the glass in a cocktail shaker absorbs the heat, cooling the drink with the ice.I am assuming the metal shaker is the conductor? (I’ve taken to shaking my iced green tea Starbucks style)

idea on how Twitter could allow fixing typos without an actual edit button—reply to the tweet you want to fix, then delete the typo’ed tweet. Twitter could match the text, see the minor change & replace with the reply text.

Maybe I need more coffee

A brisk walk to Publix for a couple of staples with The National as a soundtrack I saw my county commissioner smiling, pulling into a popular brunch spot, a new used car lot where a neighborhood hardware store once stood, a dude I surmised slinging meth & a dear old friend.

I keep seeing reference to the “Bezos blog.” He doesn’t have a standing blog, it’s a post on Medium. Just substitute journal for blog if you aren’t sure. I read the journal entry == I read the blog post. I read their entire journal == I read the whole blog. You get the point.