Tunesday – The Late Edition – Whiskeytown / Gram Parsons

When I was going through a really bad breakup about 10 years ago, a friend gave me two CD’s. Ryan Adam’s Heartbreaker and Whiskeytown’s Whiskeytown. I still turn to those two recordings when things are going bad. Adam’s lyrics and voice strike a distinct nerve with me, and is the perfect companion to a bottle of bourbon and introspection.

I came across this video of Whiskeytown covering the Gram Parson song “A Song for You”, and it resonates for many of the same reasons.

This isn’t a video, rather the original by Graham Parsons with Emmylou Harris set to some great old photos of Florida and Georgia (Parsons was born in Winter Haven, FL). This too struck a nerve.

Only in the last few years have I begun to really appreciate Parsons, but rediscovering this song will certainly spur me on to learn more.

On a side note, the woman playing fiddle in Whiskeytown, Caitlin Cary is awesome in her own right. If you haven’t listened to a more current project she’s in, Tres Chicas, or any of her solo stuff, I highly recommend seeking it out.