Hosting My Own RSS aggregator

When I first started using RSS, I choose NetNewsWire Lite and was quite pleased with the functionality. I then discovered Vienna an open source, free, aggregator. Which I liked a little better than NetNewsWire. I then went on my merry way adding and subtracting feeds, and keeping up with multiple sites with no problems. Then I got my new desktop computer, all snazzy with OS Tiger, and have begun using it much, much, more than I ever did the old one. Thus a dilemma began, how to keep track of what has been read and what hasn’t when switching from desktop to laptop. Enter Gregarious. I can host it on my server, and access it from both machines, and, voilá , no need to use a desktop aggregator, no need to deal with someone elses hosted aggregator, and ads, I’m sure. It was quite easy to install (though I did have to manually import the sql database info), and easily imported my opml file from vienna, so all my feeds were picked up, and I never lossed a beat. You can take a look at my feeds at Miklb’s Feeds. Right now it’s the vanilla default install, but I intend to give it some customization (like I have free time right now…)
So, take a look, maybe you’ll find a feed worth adding to your reader of choice, or maybe you’ll decide to give Gregarius a shot yourself.