I just added a link in the sidebar to an upcoming blogger “unconference”, BlogOrlando. I’ve not been to any type of meetup/conference/gathering of other bloggers, and am really looking forward to it. Not only to just get out of town for a day or two, but to actually meet and talk face to face with other bloggers and web geeks. I’ll probably concentrate on the technology aspects of the gathering, though I suppose I can sit in on other sessions as they are added and interest me. I’m also looking forward to being able to pimp Habari.

If anyone else in the Central Florida area is going, I’d love to connect in advance, and possibly have someone to “know” in advance. There are two dinners, one the night before, and one the night of, so having even a somewhat familiar person to break bread with would be nice, though I’m fairly good at making new acquaintances and meeting people. (Probably from years of sitting in bars and chatting up the person next to me.)

Also, if anyone has advice for attending an event of this nature, I’m all ears.