Tunesday – Margo Price

I’m just now catching onto Margo Price, but if you are a fan of classic country without the commercialization, then she is right up your alley. Calling her classic country probably isn’t a fair characterization, but I’ve never been good with music genres anyway. However you slice it, she’s a brilliant song writer with a sound that is both familiar and fresh at the same time.

This selection from the NPR Tinydesk series is a perfect primer. I look forward to her making a trip to the Tampa area in 2017.

Tunesday: Bully

This band just rocks me. I can not wait for the whole record. God knows what bands they listen to.

Steve Albini, do your homework.

Pixies? Sure.

Nirvana? Had to.

Bands I missed out when I was doing stuff? I want to know them too.

Please, more music like this.

That bass line. Be still the 23 year old still in my heart.