Hurricane Wilma

hurricane flagsWell, well, well. 12th hurricane, 24th named storm, and this one could seriously have her eye on Tampa. As the computer models have her slightly lower than the Tampa area, the most recent discussion talks of some slightly different motion than previously forcast, and how the recent NOAA jet’s flight data would have on the models. Keep an eye out folks, it ain’t over yet.

Eery. Very Eery Hurricane CenterDon’t ask me why, but when looking at national news, I clicked on the bookmark for the Times Picayune…A front page void of news, with some prexisting links still there, I found this 5 part series link at the bottom of the page.

“A catastrophic hurricane represents 10 or 15 atomic bombs in terms of the energy it releases,” said Joseph Suhayda, a Louisiana State University engineer who is studying ways to limit hurricane damage in the New Orleans area.