And for the Main Event…

In case you missed it, Katrina Vanden Hueval and Ann Coulter were part of Larry King’s panel discussing the DeLay indictment. However, the difference is those two were in the studio with King, whereas the others where off-studio cameras. As usual, Coulter had to try and get the last word, wouldn’t answer King’s questions (I’ll give it to the old softy, he sorta tried to ask the hard questions), and basically came across as her lunatic self. Vanden Hueval surprised me when she even joined the mantra of “culture of corruption”. Ultimately, it was a matter of two diametrically opposed political commentators, and nothing new was added. But at times, it looked like there could be a cat fight.

Bush Administration Wins Emmy

Well, in a round about way. John Stewart and his show The Daily Show won an Emmy Last night for some kind of comedy show. I didn’t watch the awards, rarely have. I was busy with my own comedy of errors, but that’s another story. But in some fashion, if he didn’t do it last night, Stewart has to share that award with the Bush administration. Know that Stewart is an equal opportunity critic, and his jokes are only pointed towards those who blow it, not one party or another.
But my real question is this – Does this award create an even greater undercurrent of anti-administration disdain, or does painting The Daily Show as pure comedy, and not satire, minimize the sad truth that is at the core of most of Stewart’s show?