On Spam

There has been much buzz the past week regarding comment/trackback spam around the net. Discussions regarding a cyber spam war, threads all over the WP support forums, and blog post after blog post regarding spam. Meanwhile, I sit wondering am I missing out on something? Do the spammers simply not like me? I’ve gotten one or two Spam Karma digests, with a few caught spams over the past week, but nothing like the “100s” of spams I’ve seen people mention. I didn’t think I was doing anything exceptional to protect against spam. I’m running Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2. No Akismet, the golden child of WP lead developer Matt Mullenweg, no captchas, nothing else.
Then I wonder, is it because I’ve donated to both plugin developers, that I really do have Spam Karma on my side? Either way, know if and when I get an adsense deposit, that a portion of it will go again to both plugin developers, just in case 😉

Why I Love Spam Karma…

…and will be hitting Dr Dave’s PayPal later today. The last couple of days, I had noticed I was getting S P A M emails, that seemed legit. But further investigation, revealed that it was bunk. First giveaway was the “Great Site”, but the kicker would be a fishing site commenting on a fishing article. They are searching technorait, or google blog search, and finding keywords and then hitting. So, some what frustrated, I delete, and wonder if Bad Behavior and Spam Karma are working. Low and behold I go to delete some more via SK, and I’m greeted by a message saying it’s not just me with spam getting through, and offering up some solutions, with an assurance that there are more tricks to SK to squash the recent wave of Spammers if it persists. Well worth a trip to Dr. Dave’s site and donate what ever you can, be it a month’s intake of Google Ads, or $10, or more, if you can spare it. I’ve already done so with Bad Behavior, and so should you, especially if you spend any where the time I’ve spent the last two days cleaning 3 blogs of spam. The donation is well worth the time it would save.

Gmail Web Clips

So the new feature in GMAIL is the “web clip”. Not really sure what it is, other than RSS feeds based on content of your mail. So when checking your SPAM folder before deleting, you now get recipes for “Savory Spam Crescents”, and “Ginger Spam Salad”, too funny.

Bad Behavior 2 Roadmap

With all the buzz around the net discussing Akismet, which, to me, is just another hype for wordpress.com, I came across IOerror’s discussion of his roadmap for Bad Behaivor 2. Again, people are praising Akismet as the second coming of Christ, and if that is the case, then the combination of Spam Karma and Bad Behavior is the first coming. Along with the roadmap, IOError discusses the reality of what it will take for him to be able to knock out the new version, CA$H. Quite understandable, hell, this blogger had to go back to his prior profession for the exact same reason. But the case of Bad Behavior is simple, if 100 bloggers such as this one has already done and donated a mere $10, we would in essence be hiring a full time spam fighter. So let this be a challenge to other bloggers, jump on the bandwagon and use Kismet, or support the developer who set the standard in the first place. I’m from the school of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so therefore I’m not disabling my two working anti-spam plugins to try the flavor of the week, I’d rather see the BB2 come down the pipe a month or so from now. It’s up to you now.