Media Temple Follow Up

Update: I was just contacted by the customer support person from yesterday, and indeed there’s an Alex and I’ve been credited in my account. Thanks Alex.

So I immediately received a comment from an “Alex” who said he was with Media Temple on my previous post. (He actually left two comments, as they went to moderation, and sent a contact message.) The comment speaks for itself. I did that, emailed him, giving the primary domain, and email address for my account. Two days later, I get the automated emails about my credit card being declined. Oh, right, I was mugged two weeks before Thanksgiving, and had my wallet stolen, so I had to get a new card. But wait, weren’t they going to credit me? I wait. Another email. I wait. This time, an email with a name attached. I respond, saying, Alex said he was going to be crediting my account. Is there an Alex? Was I duped? No response at this point. Meanwhile, I couldn’t FTP into my accounts most of yesterday because of some Authentication server problems.

Not that I’m having the greatest success setting up the VPS server I’m testing from SliceHost. Mostly MySQL problems. I’m not ready to give up PHPMyAdmin just yet, nor FTP. But that’s another post.

Give the gift of down time

Another six months, another disappointment in web hosting. This time, the popular Media Temple grid-server. For the past 2+ months, its been one problem after another, with the most recent being an 12 plus hour down time because of a failed maintenance. They talk of credits for users, however I’m not seeing one in my account. A company I work with received the email, however, not my personal account. So on the heals of this debacle, they are offering gift cards for a years worth of hosting. As if someone would want to give you a migraine for Christmas.

Nice timing Media Temple….