Open Current Finder Window in iTerm

This evening I found myself deep in some nested folders and wanting to access it from the terminal. Now, iTerm has great autocomplete for quickly navigating somewhere, but this deep was beyond a few tab-completes. Off to Google and a few minutes later found a way to create an Automator app you can drag to the Finder tool bar. First, this gist walks through the steps to create the app. However, the Applescript is outdated. In the comments, there’s a link to this blog post with updated script for iTerm 2 v3. Finally, I picked a custom iTerm icon to complete the process.


Clipboard Management on macOS

Speaking of Alfred App, catching up on my RSS feeds, over at MacDrifter, Gabe shares a great tip on appending items to your clipboard. I’ve been using Alfred’s clipboard manager for quite some time, but this was new to me.

Previously, I used a Popclip extension to append an item to the previously clipped text. (There are a ton of useful extensions if you aren’t familair with PopClip).

I’ve tried just about every app on the market, but Alfred’s pop-up window is so ingrained in my muscle memory, that I actually use the clipboard manager there. Ocassionally I need to share a link from iOS, but now that there’s a universal clipboard, that’s about solved.

I’d love any other Alfred clipboard tips if you have them.