14 Days of jQuery

jquery-logoI will never be a javascript ninja, but that doesn’t stop me from voraciously collecting bookmarks to jQuery plugins and tutorlals. I’ve vowed to myself to become better acquainted with the library this year, and what better way than to follow 14 Days of jQuery? 14 Days of jQuery is launching on, wait, for it January 14th, to celebrate the release of jQuery 1.4, which happens to also be the birthday of the incredibly useful, lightweight library.

What is particularly nice about this event is that it it’s being managed by the actual jQuery team, and not just some people looking to cash in on its popularity, so I look forward to the new releases, videos and tutorials that will be announced over the two weeks.

They are also doing a promotion where if you donate $20 or more to the project, you get your choice of one of several jquery/javascript e-books. Budget permitting, I may cash in on that, as donating to an open source project is always good karma, and a book would go far towards my goal of becoming more familiar with jQuery. I’ve got my eye on the jQuery for Designers, which probably would cover what I’m most interested in learning.

Habari Theme: thePrestige

Habari theme- thePrestige
This is just a quick and dirty post announcing the release. I hope to publish a more detailed post on the Habari blog detailing more about the the theme and it’s use of HiEngine.
It’s been a long time in coming, but I’m happy to report that I’ve finally released a new theme, thePrestige. Built entirely with Habari’s HiEngine theme engine, the first publicly released (at least to my knowledge.) Many thanks to Rick Cockrum for doing the heavy lifting on the Hiengine code.

Consider this a “beta” release, as there probably are a few bugs/quirks that need to be worked out, but for all intents and purposes, it’s fully functional. Any bug reports or feature requests should be logged at the Habari Extra’s trac installation. Patches certainly welcome!

The theme also features a contact form completely built with Habari’s formUI, as well as uses the jquery tooltip plugin..

One “feature” that I intend to finish up is post author comment highlighting. That is, styling the post author’s comments differently than the rest of the comments on a post. The code is in place, just needs some CSS love. Again, patches welcome!

The theme has only been tested on the latest 0.7 build of trunk, I will work on making a version that works with 0.6.2. Again, assistance welcome on this task. I think the only glaring issue right now would be the use of the jquery tooltip for the comment form.

Download the theme from Habari Extras.

Or you can check it out from the repo at http://svn.habariproject.org/extras/themes/thePrestige/trunk/.