Solving the Mysterious Relaunching iTunes

I had been plagued by an issue on my Macbook Air the last couple of months where iTunes would relaunch mysteriously. Not random relaunch mysteriously, more like, as soon as I quit, it would relaunch. I tried force quit and restarts. I trashed cache files and rebuilt the library to no avail. I filed bug reports and feedback to iTunes. Finally I reached out to @AppleSupport on Twitter. Right after (mind you, I DM’ed the account as they asked and so far no further reply) my internet friend @shep linked to a blog post of his from 4 years ago with his own saga of iTunes relaunching. I read through, and while I didn’t have headphones plugged in, I have dozed off a few times with my headphones in, and maybe, as he read about the microswitch in the jack, maybe, just maybe the headphones pulled out slightly & not depressing said microswitch. So I forcefully inserted some headphones and quickly pulled the plug out of the jack. I quit iTunes and so far, iTunes hasn’t relaunched.

Did I mention @AppleSupport hasn’t followed up yet? and iTunes

For many reasons, I have not used the streaming music from That is, until today. I first read a hint on how to use iTunes and Apple Scripts, however, that solution didn’t work. Another comment on the hint pointed to Amua, which basically streams the music via iTunes. Excellent stuff. I now can stream my music through my stereo, using the Airport Express. If you are a user, by all means, add me as a friend, or at least check out my musical tastes. Though still a bit buggy, my Lifestream also tracks my most currently played selections.