Sums Up My Feelings Quite Well

bush_stepsbush_stepsHmm, title says it all. Might as well be a copy of the Constitution on there too. I’ve avoided blogging anything about 9.11, as so much is out there, from the issues with the ABC docudrama, the politicization of the anniversary (for instance, Bush laying the wreath at the site of the WTC, with only Republican representatives with him), etc, etc, etc. I simply wish that at some point, those that differ on domestic issues, can rationally approach our global issues on a united front, and sanely resolve the conflicts that effect our security, both home and abroad. I’d also like to see the powers that be see that the continued death and injury that befalls our military overseas is not a price worth continuing to pay, and find diplomatic solutions to resolve the civil war in Iraq.

Family Upset Over Soldier’s Body Arriving As Freight So our tax dollars can fly Cheney and his staff all over the country on fund raising jaunts, and stump speeches, but we can’t give the men and women who fall in the line of duty fighting his war the proper and respectful transport all the way from the battle field to their home town. Just one more disgusting fact from this administration.

80% of Military Voted or Tried To

I’d like to know a little more about the “efforts” of the DoD to connect soldiers with their citizenship. While I commend the 79% that did their civic duty, and perhaps will make it a habit after they leave the military, I doubt the sincerity of the DoD’s reasons. You had to be living in a cave in Afganhistan, (oops, no, they knew about it too) to not know about the slim margin Bush “won” by in ‘00, and the discussions of the military often voting Republican, etc, etc, etc. So Rummy made a concerted effort to “get out the vote” as soon as the war started, hoping that the patriotism and general tendacies would help him keep his job for 4 more years. Now that his job is not on the line, and the undertone of the politcal landscape is in much darker, I wonder if the DoD will make such a push for election turnout. And more so, I wonder if the Dems can pressure the DoD to maintain the “program”, and turn the knife, so to speak, on the administration.

Who Hired This Guy??

Washington Post OK, sure, when ever you’ve got billions of dollars flowing around with out a check and balance system, there’s bound to be some corruption. Much has been made about the no-bid contracts, the mis-management of money by the Bremer lead provisional Authority, and finally formal charges have been levied. My question is this? Who their right mind hired this guy Stein to work their in the first place. Talk about fox in the hen house. Guy was found guilty of fraud in ‘96, spent some time in jail even. Hello!! He even paid some of his restitution from the previous crime with the kickbacks he got for this one. His wife paid taxes! 3 years late! I’d love, just love to know who he knew to get the job. And I’d like to hear how it wasn’t thought out on how to hire people to oversee REGIONS without proper background checks. This wasn’t a low level guy getting a few thousand dollars, this was a guy who got .5 million in kickbacks for fixing over 13 million in contracts, which never really were done. And the investigator says 50 more are being looked at. More examples of poor planning by the administration. Thank God though they were able to “negotiate” the deals with Haliburton months before the invasion…

Reality Check

One Foot in the GraveThis shit has just got to stop.

*EDIT Just to be clear, the link is to a soldier in Iraq who passed away a couple of weeks ago. You can read his last entry, and then in the comments, see the news. I highly suggest reading more of entries, and look at his bio page. That’s why I said this shit has just got to stop.

When In Doubt, Lie

So I caught part of the President’s speech today at the VFW conference today, and as the pressure is mounting on both sides of the aisle (that was Republican Chuck Hagel, Vietnam Vet, saying that Iraq was looking more and more like Vietnam, right?), and what did I hear him invoke? Ah, the old September 11th mantra. Is he foolish enough to think that people are still buying that, or am I foolish enough to think people have seen through the smoke screen and realize that Iraq has nothing to do Sept 11. Either way, with all the bickering and jostling for election positions, the GOP sure isn’t sending a united message, and the Dems are still figuring out how Dean got elected to head the party. Meanwhile, I feel we are on a ship at 1/2 throttle with the wheel tied off so we just keep going in a big circle. Every once in a while, we see land, and think we are going to be ok, only to veer away, back to sea. Please, can we find someone, anyone, to stand up and take the wheel?