Hurricane Wilma

hurricane flagsWell, well, well. 12th hurricane, 24th named storm, and this one could seriously have her eye on Tampa. As the computer models have her slightly lower than the Tampa area, the most recent discussion talks of some slightly different motion than previously forcast, and how the recent NOAA jet’s flight data would have on the models. Keep an eye out folks, it ain’t over yet.

They Said No One Anticipated It – Hurricane Pam

Much has been written and discussed regarding the preparedness, or lack there of, in Louisiana, and surrounding areas, especially regarding the levees. So much to my surprise, I get an email today from , and it leads off with a link to the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security. The link is a repost of a Times Picayune article outlining a dry run done July of 2004, before Charley and Ivan, of the effects of a Cat 3 storm on the levees and underlying parishes. Just another example of ineptness, and deceptions the administration continue to hide from.

Bush Suspends Minimum Wage in Federal Contracts

Proclamation Apparently, there’s provisions that state the Labor Secretary sets a minumum wage to pay various levels of laborers and “mechanics”. Well, Bush has suspended this provision. It’s written into the provision that he can, and in some circumstances, I can understand why. But we are talking about Bush, and Cheney, and I can see how some corporate contractors seize an opportunity to not pay laborers a federally mandated min. rate, but still charge their “normal” fees. So prior to the Hurricane, a skilled worker in NO would have been paid a certain rate if working on a federal contract, now he will be paid less. Good thing those tax cuts went to those who needed it most…

Jacob Appelbaum’s weblog

Jacob Appelbaum?s weblog
Jacob’s blogging from Houston, where he and some other SF Bay area volunteers are trying to team up with volunteers from Austin and surrounding areas to set up a Low Powered FM radio. They have a license from the FCC, all the equipment, including a standing offer of 10,000 radios for the residents…the purpose, to easily disseminate information to the 10,000+ displaced New Orleans residents, now living in the Astrodome. Seems perhaps someone doesn’t want some “free speech” to trickle down to those that need it.
And I haven’t heard one cable network touch on this, though it seems the LA Times have half the story. Stay tuned.

Eery. Very Eery Hurricane CenterDon’t ask me why, but when looking at national news, I clicked on the bookmark for the Times Picayune…A front page void of news, with some prexisting links still there, I found this 5 part series link at the bottom of the page.

“A catastrophic hurricane represents 10 or 15 atomic bombs in terms of the energy it releases,” said Joseph Suhayda, a Louisiana State University engineer who is studying ways to limit hurricane damage in the New Orleans area.

Where’s George?

Potentially one of the worst natural disasters in the last 25 years, a breakdown in the Iraqi constitution, soaring crude oil prices, and where’s George? Hunkering down in Mississippi? No. Meeting with experts on alternative energy? NO. Bringing together representatives of the Sunni and Shiite factions to work out a compromise? Hell no. He’s sitting with a bunch of retirees in Sun City stroking them about the advantages of privatized Social Security. Oh, sure, you say, “he did tell the folks in Lousiana and Mississippi that the country would pray for them. You know, on second thought, go back to Crawford George, and take the rest of the year off.