Gregarius Update – RSS

I’ve updated my RSS reader, Gregarius, to the latest SVN. Which means the latest code. Not always a great idea, but this version has been in development for some time, and about to be released as .5.4. I’d like to thank Adam Kalsey for his help via IRC, and for his theme. I really want to look closer at the the theme system, I really think it’s similar to WordPress’s system. Adam’s theme is definitely an improvement in a lot of ways over the default theme, but I’d like to maybe soften it up a bit. For some reason, my eyes just don’t work with the grays. Especially the header image.
While I’m on the subject, I was checking out Dave Winer’s Share your OPML. I haven’t added my OPML yet, but I did discover Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick. I’m not a big basketball fan, but of all the interviews I’ve seen/read, I’ve found him interesting. Reading his posts left me with a similar feeling. I’ve always secretly wished he would buy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the Glazers. Who knows. Anyway, I’m off to the OPML site to find more feeds for my reading pleasure.

Hosting My Own RSS aggregator

When I first started using RSS, I choose NetNewsWire Lite and was quite pleased with the functionality. I then discovered Vienna an open source, free, aggregator. Which I liked a little better than NetNewsWire. I then went on my merry way adding and subtracting feeds, and keeping up with multiple sites with no problems. Then I got my new desktop computer, all snazzy with OS Tiger, and have begun using it much, much, more than I ever did the old one. Thus a dilemma began, how to keep track of what has been read and what hasn’t when switching from desktop to laptop. Enter Gregarious. I can host it on my server, and access it from both machines, and, voilá , no need to use a desktop aggregator, no need to deal with someone elses hosted aggregator, and ads, I’m sure. It was quite easy to install (though I did have to manually import the sql database info), and easily imported my opml file from vienna, so all my feeds were picked up, and I never lossed a beat. You can take a look at my feeds at Miklb’s Feeds. Right now it’s the vanilla default install, but I intend to give it some customization (like I have free time right now…)
So, take a look, maybe you’ll find a feed worth adding to your reader of choice, or maybe you’ll decide to give Gregarius a shot yourself.