Math Can’t Hurt You

Zeroing Out the Messenger So amongst all the Iraq/memo gate/plamegate/Katrina debates, another slug of a Republican Congress man, bought by Utilities companies in Oregon, managed to have a little known, yet important center shut down. I wrote about this last May, when a judge ruled the Bush plan on the spring and fall runs of Chinook salmon was wrong, and forced new numbers to be used. Well, that little known agency shut down by Congressman Larry Craig was responsible for using scientific means of measuring the population of the salmon. Long story short, Craig convinced his fellow congressman to shut down funding for the agency, and it looks like my faith in the people of the Pacific Northwest was unfounded.

Urban Fishing at its Best

Ahh. Red tide, heat indexes of 105º +, rising housing costs, traffic, Jeb Bush…all reasons to hate living in Florida, and Tampa in particular. But this morning, I walked for three hours in waist deep water, watching aquatic life teeming around me, all the while with the “twin cities” of Tampa and St. Petersburg bookending my morning.
Granted, I misapplied my sunscreen, thus I have splotchy red spots, and my fishing partner took home the grand prize of a 24 inch red (drum) fish, however, my world sorta slipped back onto its axis, as I maintained my realization that 5am drunken rooftop parties are no longer for me.
Drop me a contact if you live in the Tampa Bay area and would like to experience the splendor that is Florida land based fishing.