Feeds and Feedburner

Having some issues with feed after installing feedburner plugin. The feed link in sidebar is to feedburner, if you so desire to subscribe, use that link for now, I’ll figure out what I’ve done wrong soon enough.

*editStill issues, so feedburner is deactive for now.

Switching to Feedburner

I’ve switched my feeds to feedburner, for a variety of reasons. I’m hoping whom ever has already subscribed (one or two of you at least 🙂 ) will get the new feed with no problems, and I’m testing it out myself. I’ve only ever used feedburner for new sites, so let’s hope this goes off without a hitch.
Speaking of feeds, I recently mentioned Share your OPML, well, I signed up, and it’s kinda interesting. I like the similar feeds feature. It compares your file to others, and then returns a list of people’s feeds. So you can read through other’s list, and find feeds you might interested in. (As if I didn’t have enough to read now!)