And for the Main Event…

In case you missed it, Katrina Vanden Hueval and Ann Coulter were part of Larry King’s panel discussing the DeLay indictment. However, the difference is those two were in the studio with King, whereas the others where off-studio cameras. As usual, Coulter had to try and get the last word, wouldn’t answer King’s questions (I’ll give it to the old softy, he sorta tried to ask the hard questions), and basically came across as her lunatic self. Vanden Hueval surprised me when she even joined the mantra of “culture of corruption”. Ultimately, it was a matter of two diametrically opposed political commentators, and nothing new was added. But at times, it looked like there could be a cat fight.

Kudos to Costas

Bob Costas Says No to Hour on Aruba – New York Times A sad story sure, but women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds go missing all over the world, and do not receive one minute of news coverage. I certainly wonder if all the advertising $$ that the cable news networks have taken in during segments on the Holloway case were applied to missing and exploited womens groups, what the effect would be.
That said, Costas, whom I’ve mentioned in a previous post as a solid fill in for King, turned down the gig based on the subject. Clearly Costas wants to do “real” stories, I’m sure he gets enough fluff doing “feel good” stories for the Olympics. Anyway, good for you Bob.

The Situation Room

What in the world is this really? Is CNN trying to steal Al Gore’s cable network ideas? All the monitors, Wolf wandering around like he’s at mission control. It’s not real, is it? And now they’ve moved the blogger babes out from the little desk with the laptops and 23in monitors, to their own set with GIANT monitors, and now they’re standing too. I kinda liked the fact that they seemed they were in a back room surfing on their laptops. Now, it’s just so, blah.

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A Sheep in Wolf (Blitzer’s) Clothing

Who told Wolf Blitzer that he was a hard hitting journalist? His interview this afternoon of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was full of weighted questions with zero, nada, zilch follow-up. On the surface, the question seemed legitimate, however, after the canned response (obviously the questions had been vetted), Wolf simply took Gonzalez’s answer and moved on to the next lolipop question. At least Russert and Mathews push a little further with the question before moving on. A good read on the subject, IMO, is Katrina Vanden Huevel’s comments on Bob Costas, of all people, filling in for another softy, Larry King. It makes me laugh when righties call CNN a “left-wing media organization”. What does that make Katrina and her magazine The Nation? A revolutionary media organization?