Blog, Blogs, Blogging – A Rant

I have had this draft sitting around for awhile, but in the last two days I’ve seen the word “blog” used incorrectly several times, and decided to dust this off and publish it.

You have a blog. When writing for this web log, you are blogging, “I think I’m going to blog about the movie we saw last night”, I blogged about how I built the best mouse trap. You can call yourself a blogger. A blog however is not each individual entry or post you write. Please do not tell me you wrote 3 blogs last night. You can tell me you blogged 3 articles, or you wrote 3 entries for your blog, but you did not write 3 blogs. Do not tweet “my new blog” and link to an entry. When I see “new blog” I’m expecting a completely new site from the one you already have.

Now, I don’t claim to be a grammar nazi or even have the best grammar. But this is less about grammar and more about semantics and something that simply gets my goat. Feel free to contradict or refute my position. I’m all ears. Also, I came across a great blog post sometime back, on the history of weblogs you may find interesting.

Olbermann – Baseball Historian Extraordinaire

I’ve said it before on Twitter, regardless of what you think of his political leanings or on air persona, Keith Olbermann is one of the most interesting baseball historians/fans I’ve read. Regularly during the baseball season Olbermann waxes on both current and past baseball events on his Baseball Nerd blog. I’m not sure I’ve read a better example than his latest This Just In…From 1984, showing a possibly never before seen page from a periodical of the time with images of a long lost championship game. The fact he can give players names and anecdotes for many of those involved lends to the grainy images from a bygone era. The juxtaposed image from the periodical with one of his own snapshots from the ‘09 World Series truly brings the past and present of baseball together brilliantly (despite it being the Yankees). I highly recommend subscribing to the blog if you are a true lover of baseball.

iBlogger iPhone App

Prior to my discovery that you can post to a Habari blog with Safari on the iPhone, I purchased iBlogger for the iPhone. It’s from the same developers of ecto, a desktop blogging client. It’s currently only priced at $0.99, which for me is a price I’m willing to pay to test an app. It supports all of the popular blogging platforms, as well as the generic metaweblog API, for which Habari has a plugin available.

Connecting the app to my Habari install was very easy, if I recall it even auto discovered the endpoint (

As far as functionality, I do not know if because the generic metaweblog API is being used, and sites using engines like Moveable Type or WordPress, but the options are currently pretty sparse (as of v 1.0.7). Habari’s plugin doesn’t support posting images, so the only options really are:

  • adding your location – the app inserts a link which opens to a Google map
  • adding links – an easy UI for adding a hyperlink.
  • tagging – this “feature” seems very weak. It doesn’t pull the existing tags from the site, a common feature in desktop blogging clients, and in my testing, keeps the previous post’s tags on subsequent posts. Might be handy if you expect to tag all of your on-the-go posts the same thing, but I don’t see it that way.

iBlogger does support multiple blogs, otherwise, I have not found any additional elements. For $0.99, I suppose one can’t complain. Since all of my personal sites are on Habari, I haven’t had cause to look at any of the other iPhone blogging clients. I understand the WordPress app is free and open-sourced, I’m sure at some point, most likely out of boredom, I will look at it. Ultimately, as many people have pointed out, typing on the iPhone doesn’t lend itself to the phone being a real blogging device.

However to get that in the moment feel, having a stable option with with a decent feature set would be nice to have. Thank goodness with Habari and in iPhone, you don’t need a secondary app.

Happy (Belated) Anniversary to Me!

So, just over a year ago I started blogging. I believe I’ve grown quite a bit in my web knowledge in a short time of actually using a site I’ve started. I tried doing something with just about every free resource out there, it just never “took”. It wasn’t until my friend over at tiny little dots adopted WordPress, and thus I installed it on my newly purchased domain, did the light go on. At once I felt at home. I immediately begin cramming massive amounts of CSS knowledge into my already crowded head. I now can I say I can see myself actually putting food on the table and a roof over my head some day doing this stuff full time. I’ve got a long way to go, and need to particularly see where I “fit in”, but it is quite exciting, a feeling I lost quite some time ago in regards to cooking.

So a hardy thank you to tiny for adopting WP and to trench for my first blogroll link. Also a big thanks to the many people who’ve stopped by and left a comment, it’s always nice to know someones reading the site 🙂

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next year of doing this brings, what direction things will go, but if the first was any indication, it’s going to be great.

Perfect Christmas Gift!

The perfect Christmas Gift! The blogsphere! (That term has been played out, hasn’t it?)Anyway, head over to my WordPress Station and read more about the inexpensive options available. be it a $25 a year blog package, or $60 for a full year (including domain registration), it’s the perfect gift for that hard to buy for teenager, or the geek-wanna-be Aunt.