FF3 beta alongside FF2

Came across this handy little “app” today. MultiFirefox allows for multiple profiles to use different versions of the FireFox. So you can keep your working copy of FireFox 2 and all your beloved extensions, and test/keep an eye on FireFox 3 beta. So far, the “old-school” del.icio.us extension is the one I’m really anxious to see work in 3.

There’s already a beta of Firebug that works in FF3, which satisfies a few of my itches. I’d also like to see the web developer extension, but it seems the dev of that one won’t release a version until FF goes gold. Scribefire seems to work, though I still haven’t gotten in the habit of using it. Tiny URL extension is another one that I’ve come to rely on, which isn’t FF 3 compatible at this point.