turns out™ if you add the global $post object and add $title == $post->post_title then it will not target the other titles on the page that use the filter

Had to see it for myself but you can not filter the_title without titles in page navigation also picking up that filter. I only want to add a class to the actual title of the content.

Homebrew Website Club: One Year In

Homebrew Website Club: One Year In by j-p (jonathanprozzi.net)
However, I started to eventually hit a bit of a wall: when I was faced with limited time I was constantly needing to evaluate whether to spend my time learning the tool (Hugo/Golang) and wanting to create content. I had the ideas and knew what I wanted to create, and even started several series of articles on my previous site, but when I would start pushing out blog posts I wouldn’t be working on implementing necessary features to my site.

Jonathan outlines a path very similar to my own journey from static site generator to WordPress with the added plan of helping grow the IndieWeb WordPress ecosystem. 6 months into my WP IndieWeb journey I have some thoughts I should write about, both about the WP ecosystem as well as my own plans for this domain.