#HoldtheFloor – DeVos Nomination

holdthefloorAs I write this at 11:30pm, Cory Booker is speaking on the Senate floor. The Democrats have been holding the floor since noon today, and intend to do so until the 24 hour debate period ends. I’ll be honest, I’m not an expert on Senate rules, I find them to be back room voodoo, albeit steeped in tradition. Either way, the Senate Democrats drew a line in the stand on this nomination. Conceivably because there have been 2 Republicans(Murkowski and Collins) already voice their decision to not vote for DeVos, the thinking is it might be possible one more stands up to right wing nominee.

What stands out to me, and I’ve had the luxury of following the hearings, debates and floor speeches, that not one Republican has been able to articulate an argument for DeVos. All I’ve heard from them is “Obama got his nominees…had 9 confirmations by this point…”. But not one solid argument for her, her philosophies or her experience to ably manage the Department of Education. Sure, they’ve thrown out, “she loves children”, but that doesn’t make her qualified to lead a Cabinet level department of the United States or play a primary role in shaping public education.

Even Sessions, who I disagree with on practically every issue, could be argued as qualified to lead a department. Hell, even CEO Tillerson has the practical experience to lead a huge department and the background to lead large scale negotiations. (I simply disagree on principles that they should be in the respective offices.) So why are the Republicans standing so pat for DeVos? Spite?

Unfortunately, it most likely all about the money.

Scrubbing Pots & Pans

For the better part of my adult life, I worked in kitchens, starting as a dishwasher, working my way up to chef. And like any good chef, I never forgot the importance of that first position. Hell, I often referred to myself as chief cook and head dishwasher. I always explained to owners and other staff, dishwasher is the most important position in a kitchen. Everything breaks down if that person is missing, fails, or is simply mistreated and unhappy.

Thus I never strayed too far from the pots and pans. Often times, I would jump in and scrub pots, both as an example to the rest of the staff that no one person was above any job in the restaurant, and as a way to ground myself. While it isn’t a creative job, it gave me that mental break to think about a dish that was bouncing around my head, or an opportunity to breath mentally.

I’m still looking for that in web development. A task to bounce to that is both familiar and productive yet affords me an opportunity to consider a problem I’m tackling. I’ve experimented with coding standards, as I now use linters, but since it wasn’t something I’ve been doing since I started as a self-taught developer, I don’t have the muscle memory or comfort level to dive into a project and start cleaning up. That is more of something I do as I go.

The closest thing I’ve come up with is working on my own blog. It’s a place to experiment, break things, and most importantly, not a project with a deadline. If you are reading this on the site (or even via the feed) you most likely see the rough edges. I’ve become comfortable with them. I want to smooth them all, and have a running list of them, but as soon as I knock one item off, I find 2 more.

And that’s OK. It will always be that way, as again, I’m constantly experimenting, tweaking and most importantly, it is mine. My own personal space to do as I please and retreat to when I need a mental break.

New Zsh Prompt

Aaron Jorbin’s post last week New Bash Prompt caught my eye in passing, so when catching up on my feeds, I took a closer look. I liked the addition of showing changes in the branch. I’ve been using the oh-my-zsh theme Agnoster since making the switch to zsh and iTerm2, and had no complaints, so I wasn’t looking to completely change prompts and themes. After looking at a few different variations, I settled on agnoster-fcamblor for now.

Couch to 5k – Day 3 Week 1

First week (well, 3 runs) in the book. Lesson learned today is take the little twinges of discomfort serious. I had minor discomfort in my right ankle but pushed through, and am now feeling that I was compensating for it. I may need to wait until Friday to start the next week, but that’s to be determined. Consider me day-to-day on the injury report.

The other take away from today was, despite being a native Floridian, it’s easy to forget the seriousness humidity contributes to the feels like temperature. I may want to start timing my runs for morning, or later in the evening (though the summer weather patterns might not play nice with evening runs in general.)


  • Distance: 1.75 mi
  • Pace: 11:29 min/mi

Eighth Anniversary Redesign Underway

I originally started this blog 8 years ago. A lot has happened since then. While I learned a lot building out the last design, a lot has changed regarding HTML, CSS and more so, responsive design.

I will try to update with what I’m working on as I continue this, rest assured, it’s going to be very rough around the edges, but that’s a sure fire way of making sure I complete this. I’m not even sure if comments are working, or I’d say leave a message if you see something you’d like to see more of, or is so horribly broken the site doesn’t work.

I’m still trying to figure out how to bring back my old content, and am leaning now towards manually moving over posts that I’d like to have around for posterity. Doing so manually sounds tedious, but will allow me to clean up the markup.1 I’ll probably do the same with all of my old food blog posts as well. I’m using a little plugin that Owen whipped up for using post-formats. Similar to how WordPress does, but much better in my opinion. I’ll definitely write more about that after I get the kinks worked out.

Update Seems I can’t remove localhost from the free pictos account I set up and add the live domain. Waiting on support, but not holding my breath. Not willing to pay for the service until I can see it live. Might start looking for alternatives. Also, reading their support threads, seems like a big headache.

Update 2 Ran into some issues, switching back over to previous theme for now.

  1. Which means converting everything over to using Markdown and cleaning up broken links and images.