The best philosophy. Core should be lean. Mix and match the features you need, as you need them.

I saw the name of the kid that hacked Twitter and had to do some math on another young person I know with same first name that I could totally see doing something like that. Except he’d use the money to stock a food pantry.

If Florida responded to hurricanes the way DeSantis has handled Covid-19, we wouldn’t have building codes, there wouldn’t be public shelters & you wouldn’t be able to get sandbags. We’d shrug if a couple dozen people died. 10,000 people flooded? That’s a local problem.

Worth pointing out to my Florida friends that a hurricane that stays off coast spells danger to our neighbors up the coast. A weak tropical storm over Florida for a couple of days wouldn’t be horrible. Rain for year is down. Everyone staying home for 2 days wouldn’t hurt.

Trying to decide if walking out half mile into bay to a fishing spot & being run off by a 4′ Bonnethead shark was the best or worst thing that’s happened this week. Leaning towards best. We were in 3′ of water.