Adding to my todo list – make a screencast showing how easy it is to edit a Markdown file in the browser in a GitHub repository. I know I’m an outlier but Google Docs never feels easy for me, despite so many people telling me it is.

I know documentation is important to open source projects, but if everyone that’s ever complained about the lack of documentation submitted a PR to a project with more documentation…especially small team projects that are trying to address a need.

Nothing like a physical remodel to remind you what progress and accomplishing a task looks like. I probably spend way too much time comparing web development to physical plumbing/carpentry/electrical work than most though. Cooking too.

So the news is going around today that Zoom is doing bad shit & there’s a Medium post to explain it all @jonathan.leitschuh/zoom-zero-day-4-million-webcams-maybe-an-rce-just-get-them-to-visit-your-website-ac75c83f4ef5"> For what ever reason, Medium isn’t displaying the embedded gist in Safari so here’s the direct link for the tl;dr just help me delete this crap

My house was built in 1928, I was born in 1969. All of my remodel plans are “if it lasts 30 years, I’m good.” If either me or the house is still around in 30, should be a good time to update again.

So a laurel tree between our house and the neighbor decided tonight was the night to come down. Miraculously it fell the only way possible to not crush the corner of my house or destroy either vehicle. I’m chalking it up to having mowed her lawn Saturday.

Thank you Firefox for surfacing an issue with some icons. Oddly only FF was rendering 2 of the svg icons, albeit without styling. Every other browser ignored them. Corrected the class on the <li> and all was well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯