Apple Books doesn’t lend itself to being able to copy <code> blocks. The Rails 6 book has a huge block of code that is meant to be pasted at the command line (create the inital database structure). Friction like this is an easy source of anxiety for me. It sucks.

Anyone have recommendations for a solid place to start to actually learn Ruby/Rails? I’ve dug through code and hacked in some stuff, but I’ve never really written/built anything or learned best practices. Not big on video tutorials.

The idea was simple–an iOS Shortcut that I could call from a sharesheet on an OF task that starts a timer in Timing App. I do a lot of work offline and wanted to start measuring the time I spend. With a lot of help from @TimingApp and @Omnifocus here’s the result

Note you will need to add your own Timing API Key

The next step is a Shortcut that stops the timer and marks the task complete.

2 things I learned in kitchens that I think applies to the dev world. Will always be someone who knows more & someone who is faster. Rarely the same person. There’s usually a reason something is done a certain way even if everyone knows it’s not the optimal solution.

Million things on my mind but seeing Beastie Boys pass through my timeline and all I can think of is one of my mentors yelling “NEEDS MORE SALT” over the boom box blasting Paul’s Boutique. New Orleans guy meets Tampa kid in Denver. Hilarity ensues.

after years of blindly only using Sheilashine to clean/polish stainless in professional kitchens, TIL a little mineral oil on a clean soft rag works just as well. And no I’m sure they took time off my life fumes.