Big shout out to blogs. If you still maintain a personal website, you rock. Even if your last post was "haven’t blogged much lately, been doing some long needed updates to my CMS", that is still awesome. That’s part of it!

Don’t sleep on the importance of local judges in today’s Hillsborough County election. Ask yourself if you’d rather someone familiar & empathetic to drug & alcohol abuse along with mental health or an institutional white dude. Law enforcement stops here.

I’ve spent far too many hours tweaking my Zsh prompt than I care to admit. Due to an upgrade, I was introduced to the powerlevel10k theme tonight. It has a delightful installer wizard for configuring your prompt that you can re-run to make changes. <>

Debugging my cola syrup & I reduced the ingredients down to just orange & ginger. Believe since I’m using micro plane for zest, I just want to add it at very end after others have simmered. Too bitter at time it takes to infuse other flavors.