none too pleased with the experience of flipping berween my WordPress site saved to home screen & other iOS apps. Now I have to figure out if its on my end, iOS or WP.

I’d Google the Godfather line about getting out & sucked back in but I’d loose everything I have typed.

Tool was on the jukebox at Ybor Pool & Pub (not to be confused with Ybor Pizza & Subs). We would have Sunday night cookouts (often fish someone had caught along with scotch bonnet peppers from Mark’s garden) on the sidewalk blasting the album at full volume. Salad days.

A reminder to folks creating stuff for the web with the hopes that others might use your tool – stable is good. Stable code is your friend. Don’t let yourself get caught pushing for fringe use cases that undermines your stable code.

Best Album of 1998: Golden Smog – Weird Tales

I had this whole big wind up about seeing Run Westy Run with fIREHOSE in New Orleans. Then, later about a road trip driving from Chicago to Minnesota and a quiet Monday night open mic, followed by this cheesy line about taking all your feels of midwestern americana shake over ice and pour over the rocks. But really, if you agree with Mermaid Ave being in top 12 and you haven’t given this a listen, you owe it yourself. Sure, Mermaid has Billy Bragg & Natalie Merchant (and Woodie Guthrie lyrics) but the general vibe is the same, especially on the Wilco tracks.

But at its core this is a bunch of musicians and songwriters who appear to enjoy playing music together for themselves. Which is why 20 years later when I am feeling that midwestern vibe I more often than not reach for this first.

Oh, and it really does at times feel like a love letter to Big Star, which if you’ve ever heard Wilco cover “Thirteen”, you know what I mean.

Vote Golden Smog.

(If you’re not familiar with @bestalbum95 and their running contest, I suggest you give him a follow)

Adding to my todo list – make a screencast showing how easy it is to edit a Markdown file in the browser in a GitHub repository. I know I’m an outlier but Google Docs never feels easy for me, despite so many people telling me it is.