the pain I feel down to my bones as my aunt is taking her last breathes a thousand miles away is palpable. At times in my life, Aunt Karen was as much a mother as my own, down to sending care packages when my cousin and I were 18 and living on our own for the first time (weed and cases of mac & cheese mostly.)

As someone who never had a regular schedule working in restaurants I’m slowly finding one that works & when I’m taken off of it I’m all kinds of out of whack. Looking forward to next week…

illustration of firehose with twitter logos coming out of it

if you are looking for ways in the new year to keep up and not OD on Twitter, might I suggest starting a private list. Start by adding close friends/associates, then judiciously add the industry/thought leader types that don’t oversell and make too much noise along with a couple of “journalist’s journalist” to keep up with the under the headline news.

That way, you can dip into the firehose when you want to know what’s going on “right now”, but go back to your list to catch up on just the real life stuff, the “this is cool” stuff and the news behind the headlines.

To give you an idea about my list, right now it’s at 40 of the 1,200 I follow (note, I’ve been on Twitter 11 years and a good amount of those 1200 accounts rarely if ever tweet these days)

photo of sand sculpture of a face looking up, eyes closed with clouds and sun beams

I wasn’t going to do this, but for 2019…

As I get older, the Jan 1 demarcation of a trip around the sun has even less meaning. New Years resolutions have never been my thing, I’ve always thought that what ever day the calendar says is the right day to start a good habit.

Good habit building has been my focus the last three years—not coincidental to the big change in my life of going on medication for anxiety and subsequently ceasing to consume alcohol. Profesional habits as well, such as understanding documentation of code and informative git commit messages has made me a better developer.

It so happens to coincide to a flip of the calendar that I find my newest goal to be better at focus.

I’m my case, focus mean applying the positive habits I’ve built and will continue to cultivate in the areas of responsibility in my life, both voluntary and inherent. A lot of that is going to be time management, which I’ve developed habits to track time, now to start analyzing data and finding trends.

I’d also like to learn to be a better writer, something that’s been at the back of my mind for a long time. From what I read, to be a better writer, you have to write. But being a developer, I get so caught up on the mechanics of putting words on the internet that I don’t often enough hit the publish button.


💡As MindNode was just added to SetApp, I fired up the iOS version. An hour later and discovering you can copy a node and paste it into Omnifocus as a project, I’m a changed person. screenshot of projects in Omnifocus with mind map in Mindnode

related to my last thought, has anyone ever just archived their blog and started over? I’m tempted to just put everything in a subdomain and start over from scratch. I’m also tempted to retire domain as primary 🤔

Found myself looking at filter and config docs for a static site engine before I really know what I want my next personal site to do/look like. Time to take my own advice and just write some HTML and CSS and figure it out from there.

I’ve tried every git GUI client there is, and @GitKraken saved me a ton of time last week. Just upgraded to their pro plan. And if just 10,000 of you do the same, I can get a free Tesla No, seriously screenshot of referral program showing 10000 gets Tesla model 3

Free startup idea: MeetMeIn – a database of all tech events and friends put in their interests and matches them with a conference they would all enjoy. Meet IRL opps galore.