What are you fine people doing static site doing for search these days? I’ve yet to find a good solution but haven’t looked recently. It’s why I feel like Datasette is something I should look at closer. Something in build pipeline to push to SQLite for search?

quick update on Jekyll-IndieWeb — I’ll have the demo repo using it as a theme up and running tomorrow evening. I want to use GitHub Actions so can run and build the site with additional plugins but that’s not going to make it into the repo this weekend.

Everyone does know daylight savings ended and we are on standard time now? So if you don’t like it getting dark early, you probably don’t want to abolish DST, rather it be year round. FL voted for that but we can’t do it without Congressional approval.

If there is a local election where you live today, I implore you to go and vote. Grab your local paper, make some decisions and do it. Vote for the woman who couldn’t afford ID. Vote for the guy who got stuck with a felony charge for a bag of weed. Just vote.