Queue ha been taking about an hour. So On third trip through today. My situation is much different than when I started this process so I’m sure the desperation is coming across. I should collect all these notes onto my blog. I have the technology…

Realizing the single best thing I can do for myself is unplug from the firehose for a few days.

And that includes the never ending cacophony of noise about JavaScript.

Staring to feel like when "molecular gastronomy" became trendy in food.

If you are looking for someone who considers the key to performance & accessibility is to use clean markup and that maintainability should be a first place actor in system design, I’m looking for a remote position.

my TIL: history on CLI. I’ve always been lazy using ⬆️ on one server. Just piped it out to a text file so I can grab the common tasks and put them in a script finally. Especially permissions issues on specific paths.