Sat in on micro-irrigation & rain water collecting classes through my county yesterday & this morning. Am reminded on top of everything else, the Tampa Bay region will run out of water in 5 years if we don’t start acting now.

Yesterday my health app told me I stood 14 hours, took 32K steps or 15 miles. I caught one fish. Best part was taking 24 hours away from doom scroll device. I highly recommend it. (Fishing & 15 miles optional)

You can’t make me stay home & you can’t make me wear a mask but by the way women can’t make decisions about their own body & people can’t just marry anyone because God said is a really bizarre place to be.

TIL you can install fonts with Homebrew. brew search "/font-/“ will list all available. Noticed a couple of powerline/nerdfonts in there. Noting because I’m anticipating needing a new machine before end of year & want to create a setup script for it.

It can seem trivial that folks are dorking out over a layout change on GitHub, but it’s a huge accessibility win & the culmination of a decade of work from every corner of the web.

Now stop working with ICE

What’s the benefit of using Cloudflare if it throws up a "checking your browser" screen for 5 seconds before you can visit the site? Doesn’t matter how fast the site loads on an edge CDN if you are losing visitors to that.

Shouldn’t WooCommerce filter upload types to allow .csv since it’s the default file type to import products? A cryptic Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. I can only imagine confuses a lot of users.

Still can’t talk about Bordain. Probably because I lived my own kitchen confidential & was angry he published that book. Hated him for it, and the cash in book tours after it. Took a long time to stop.