Two thumbs of fresh ginger grated, two limes juiced & rinds thrown in. 1 qt hot water. Steep 20 minutes, strain, chill, carbonated in DrinkMate. Ice, simple syrup. First run was tasty. Good ginger bite. Could even be cut with filtered water before carbonating.

Is there a better example of technical debt than the Florida unemployment website? 77 million, 14 million over budget, bugs never fixed, internal annual audits reminding it is still broken, but defunded based on current use?

As a user, I’m excited about what Dark Sky’s acquisition by Apple will mean for better, hyper-local results.

As a web person I’m worried about the loss of yet another API. Wunderground shuttered theirs last year. Dark Sky ends end 2021. What else is out there?

So I hit 3rd week on lockdown today. Save for a couple of trips for food/medicine, I haven’t been with a group of people since I attended a memorial service. Which let me tell you, is a weird thing in of itself. Will my next social interaction also be a funeral?

Two weeks ago I was asked to resign from the company that had just awarded me employee of the month 2 weeks earlier because the things I said had to be implemented—issue tracker, branches, coding standards, documentation—was too much. It’s been a long 2 weeks.

Everyone making jokes about 1700 engineers (it’s funny) but 5 folks are probably banging something out to shut the world up & will have it ready Tuesday. Some if…then statements & a map to all the participating testing locations based on your location if you share it or search.

Artists are starting to add their merch and music to I encourage everyone to start clicking around, listening to some music and purchase directly from the artist. Ignore the market, the real economy is down here on the street.