Speaking of hot sauce 👀 saw little feature on Leah Chase on NBC News. Made point to ask her about chastising Obama for putting hot sauce on her gumbo. Snapped this painted in the median outside Dooky Chase folk art painting of Leah Chase with her quote - To be a woman you have to look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a dog.

WordPress friends? Any free form builder plugins you can recommend? Need one for a nonprofit just getting started & I seem to have lost my Gravityforms dev license to an old email address.

The goal is to not owe taxes. Refunds are a zero interest loan to the government that they repay. I’d use this confusing element to fight the likes of TurboTax to make it easier to file & also easier for business to properly withhold.

I don’t know who she’ll be but I’m waiting for the presidential candidate that talks about restoring the co-equal branch status of Congress & won’t be Obama in being executive branch defender.

So weird to see my front yard without the oak. Called city about month ago to confirm it was dying. Originally warned me could take 2 years to get tree & stump removed. Now to plan its replacement.

I keep seeing reference to the “Bezos blog.” He doesn’t have a standing blog, it’s a post on Medium. Just substitute journal for blog if you aren’t sure. I read the journal entry == I read the blog post. I read their entire journal == I read the whole blog. You get the point.