So my tale of getting webserver working again in Mojave stands at this: nginx is running. When I run a port scan on localhost port 80 diesn’t show up. Now if I fire up a simple server with python python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 I get a system prompt for permission to listen and then http shows up in port scan. Somehow I need to trigger than permission for nginx is my guess. Anyone experience this?

I feel like I need to pay someone for an hour to hold my hand to get up and running on Docker. I just want the same familiarity of using git and CLI to work locally as I have with homebrew (that’s kinda borked right now.)

so using certbot-auto and prefered challenge dns for subdomain wildcard and TLD it wants you create two TXT records in DNS for same _acme_challenge but AWS Route 53 doesn’t allow duplicate TXT records. πŸ˜‚

Watching packages get updated for a server to host a “web app” and it is easy to forget how much work is quietly being done before the first piece of html is written.

Burnout meter went off today. If you don’t see me around for a couple of days, assume I’m making carrot cake muffins for some 4th graders that won their Science Olympics and under the housing doing some old fashion plumbing. Be kind to one another ❀️

If you find yourself debugging Travis CLI api.key encryption, make sure if your repo is on the .com you use the --pro flag. Spent better part of the last couple of days learning that lesson.

Need to write a blog post “What’s with static sites? I mean, wtf?” for the person who was told 10 yrs ago they needed to switch to Dreamweaver for the site, then WordPress, then they needed all these plugins, and now they’re hearing about static sites. Wasn’t that what I had?

Serious question. Handlebars or Nunjucks? I want to build a version of this site in Eleventy and learn a new templating language. Nunjucks is used in the demo, but for broader experience is one more popular than another?

“bespoke” is a word I’ve seen used to convey artisan, hand crafted and “hacked together because no one can see it.” I’ve always thought of it as more of a well made custom tailored solution. You?

I’ve been using Twitter a lot lately, rarely posting from my own site. Some is due to technical issues, some lazy. But I do have text files with YAML front matter stored for each tweet. I’ve been doing that for almost 3 years.