Here’s Where We are at with the Tax Bill

So, I know you are probably busy and the news is coming at you so fast you can’t keep up and are getting to that overwhelmed oh fuck it point. I get it. I’ve had the free time to really follow what’s going on, so thought it might be good to share something as concise as possible.

Yes, the Senate passed the tax bill at 1:51am EST Saturday.

But that doesn’t mean it goes straight to Trump to sign. This whole monstrosity of a bill is being done through a budget reconciliation process so they only needed 51 votes in the Senate. The Senate passed their own version of the bill.

Which means, since it is different than what the House passed, it has to be reconciled. That is done with joint committees from both the House and the Senate. They are tasked with haggling over the differences and rewriting those sections – take it out, reword, juggle wording, etc.

Once they agree on the changes, the new hybrid bill has to be voted on again by both the House and Senate. So if there were specific sections of the bill stuck in to “buy” a vote (Arctic Wildlife Refuge drilling for Murkowski in AK for instance) that get removed in committee, that means they may have lost a vote. This is hypothetical and I have no idea what the House will do with that section. I have seen a letter from House Republicans against the provision though.

However, and a big however, there is one more option. The House could vote straight up or down on the Senate version. If they passed that, it would go straight to Trump. So far, Speaker Paul Ryan has said that isn’t going to happen. You may take his word more than I do.

What can you still do then? Keep calling or writing to your representatives. Tell your friends to do the same. The House must vote one more time either way, and a strong chance the Senate will have to vote again.

It is not over.

18F: Digital service delivery | Government launches to simplify access to public services

This is such great work and the fruits of the labor will be immense.

18F: Digital service delivery | Government launches to simplify access to public services (

Today, the U.S. Digital Service and 18F are excited to announce the launch of, a single sign-on solution for government websites that will enable citizens to access public services across agencies with the same username and password.

Deprecating the Term ‘git master’

In the grand scheme of things, it may not be a big deal to some people. I’m not one of them. Slavery and it’s history in the US, the proliferation of white supremacy groups coming out, public clashes and white power terrorists killing citizens—all reasons to make the effort.

Thus, I have been thinking about how to rename the common convention in git to use “master” branch. I started thinking about what does that one-true-source™ branch mean? Since I believe in semantic meaning for elements of development, my search led me to prime.

The macOS dictionary defines prime as:

  1. of first importance
  2. of best possible quality.

That sums up what I think of the branch to mean. It is the most important branch that all releases flow from and as code and software are always in flux and being refactored, that branch should be the current best quality of the code.

I’m not the first to bring this up, this issue for Redis to change master/slave terminology is a perfect example, and why I think it’s as important to put in the work making these changes as it is to tear down statues.

Inciting Violence vs Freedom of Speech

There is a lot of discussion about this topic in the news this week, kicked off by Dreamhost. This response from Namecheap is probably the best argument I’ve read.

Inciting Violence vs Freedom of Speech (Namecheap Blog)

At Namecheap, we see both sides of the free speech consideration. On the one hand, we cannot be the ones censoring content, unpopular though it may be. On the other hand, and without question, the content appearing on the is highly offensive, even more so in light of the recent ev…