After reading an aside at Matt’s blog regarding Plazes using WP for its blog, I decided to check it out. My Plaze, and it really seems like it could be kinda cool, if it catches on. It’d be nice to know about some hot spots when traveling, or just around town.

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Bad Behavior 2 Roadmap

With all the buzz around the net discussing Akismet, which, to me, is just another hype for, I came across IOerror’s discussion of his roadmap for Bad Behaivor 2. Again, people are praising Akismet as the second coming of Christ, and if that is the case, then the combination of Spam Karma and Bad Behavior is the first coming. Along with the roadmap, IOError discusses the reality of what it will take for him to be able to knock out the new version, CA$H. Quite understandable, hell, this blogger had to go back to his prior profession for the exact same reason. But the case of Bad Behavior is simple, if 100 bloggers such as this one has already done and donated a mere $10, we would in essence be hiring a full time spam fighter. So let this be a challenge to other bloggers, jump on the bandwagon and use Kismet, or support the developer who set the standard in the first place. I’m from the school of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so therefore I’m not disabling my two working anti-spam plugins to try the flavor of the week, I’d rather see the BB2 come down the pipe a month or so from now. It’s up to you now.

Well, It’s a Start

I’ve managed to go through my first 140 or so posts and add tags via the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, so the concept of “categories” is now all but moot here at Mindless Ramblings. Hence the tag “cloud” in the middle. I’ve recently purchased a new camera phone with the hopes of moblogging some, but the flickr gallery plugin I’m trying to use is beta, maybe more like alpha, but hopefully I’ll get it to work, until then, don’t click the gallery link. I did do a little modification to the squible default style.css, but aside from a different image on the lead post and some colors changes, it’s straight out of the box. It’s such a different theme, that until I work through it more, it’s kinda hard to start changing things. Again, stay out of the gallery please, it’s not quite ready, but I may need it live to help trouble shoot the install.

Odd Referral

I rarely check my stats packages anymore like awstats and the like, I simply use the stat page I created on this site with a plugin or two. A recent referral was a google search, “how to steal WordPress theme”. Why would someone want to “steal” a theme? Obviously they got to my site due to my blank WordPress theme, but there are hundreds of themes out there, and dozens of sites with info on how to customize them. So why “steal”. Its not like you can’t copy and paste anyone’s CSS and use it on your own, the only issues are with custom php codes on the templates. Sad really.

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Pardon the dust

In an attempt to get back to blogging, and fishing, and just about anything else healthy I can do to avoid hanging out late at night drinking Jagermeister and sitting in a smoky room, I’m going to change themes, and try to focus on the laptop and online more. So if things go wacky or seem odd, just contact me with a heads up. Oh, and if you see anything new you like, you can always comment on that also.

Another Miss by the Hammer

Good ol’ Tom has now moved to have his judge recuse himself from the case because, among other organizations, he’s donated to So what does he want, someone who’s donated to the RNC or one of his own PACs? Or simply a judge that hasn’t donated to any political affliations? To me, it’s just another desperate move by a rat backed into a corner.

Hurricane Wilma

hurricane flagsWell, well, well. 12th hurricane, 24th named storm, and this one could seriously have her eye on Tampa. As the computer models have her slightly lower than the Tampa area, the most recent discussion talks of some slightly different motion than previously forcast, and how the recent NOAA jet’s flight data would have on the models. Keep an eye out folks, it ain’t over yet.

Keeping Up on the Hammer

Washington Post As I’ve stated in various other online existences, life away from the laptop has changed, some for the good, some not so. Alas, the world keeps turning, and so does the clown rodeo kown as the Tomd DeLay defense. His lawyers are know trying to squash the money laundering because “wire transfers are not ‘funds’ “… if that’s not a backhanded admission of guilt, nothing is. “If the glove does not fit, you must acquit”. And to further the never give in persona of ol’ Hammer, he passed on a plea offer of a misdemeanor charge of violating Texas election laws, thus the felony charges that he currently faces. Tom, you shoulda listened closer to the Gambler, “you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em…”

No U2 fundraising for Santorum

Yes, I haven’t blogged in a while, and yes, I’ve been busy cooking for a living again. However that doesn’t mean I don’t intend to continue blogging, nor do I completely ignore the news. That said, I was shocked when I heard on the news today that U2 was doing a fundraiser for Rick Santorum. Then I read over at Joe Trippi’s site that ol’ Santorum and the conservative news blogs got the message wrong.

Santorum . . . you may want to wipe those eggs off of your face

And was just starting to think the world was really slipping off its axis. Whew! Not just yet.

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And for the Main Event…

In case you missed it, Katrina Vanden Hueval and Ann Coulter were part of Larry King’s panel discussing the DeLay indictment. However, the difference is those two were in the studio with King, whereas the others where off-studio cameras. As usual, Coulter had to try and get the last word, wouldn’t answer King’s questions (I’ll give it to the old softy, he sorta tried to ask the hard questions), and basically came across as her lunatic self. Vanden Hueval surprised me when she even joined the mantra of “culture of corruption”. Ultimately, it was a matter of two diametrically opposed political commentators, and nothing new was added. But at times, it looked like there could be a cat fight.

“Culture of Corruption”

As some who’ve read here before, you know I’ve looked forward to this day for some time. The only thing I look forward to more now is the day Tom DeLay is found guilty of at least some of his crimes against this country. To me, he’s committed treason. He’s cheated and lied to the American people, and circumvented the law, which thereby prevented the people of Texas from rightly electing their officials. But this is all fairly main stream news. What I’ve found more interesting is the mantra the democratic party line is using in the recent criminal charges/investigations…“culture of corruption”. When election time rolls around in ‘06, expect that phrase to be played out over and over. I think that will be the real “platform” for unseating the Republicans. I think it can be used in just about every situation from the appointment of Brown to FEMA to the gerrymandering issues in Texas.

Tampa Blogging

I was checking my recent referers, and saw that I had several referals from Seminole Heights Blog, and the discussion of the bay area being “blog capital of Florida”. I rarely discuss Tampa issues, and funny enough, I just came across an article at discussing Tampa officials wanting to ease laws regarding gifts of tickets. When I read the article, I almost wrote about it then. But after reading the discussion, I feel I must touch on it.
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Tampa Blogging

I was checking my recent referers, and saw that I had several referals from Seminole Heights Blog, and the discussion of the bay area being “blog capital of Florida”. I rarely discuss Tampa issues, and funny enough, I just came across an article at discussing Tampa officials wanting to ease laws regarding gifts of tickets. When I read the article, I almost wrote about it then. But after reading the discussion, I feel I must touch on it.
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A Brewing Storm of a Different Nature

Washington Post While the nation’s eyes have been focused on Rita, and Houston’s failure to properly coordinate evacuation traffic, another storm was brewing in Republican politics. Much in the manner that Martha Stewart was originally charged with insider trading, or something similar, Senator Bill Frist-R of Tennessee is being investigated by the Security Exchange Commission regarding sales of stock this past summer.
Well it appears that Mr Frist owned a fair amount of stock in a company originally founded by his father, and over the summer, Frist order the blind trust to sell the shares. Where the investigation comes in is the fact that soon after the sale by Frist, poor earnings reports were issued, and the price of the stock dropped significantly from the high it was when Frist sold. There’s no indication that Frist’s family is completely divorced from the business, and there’s no indication that Frist didn’t know those in positions of power with the company.
It is quite hard for me to believe that Frist simply was the recipient of good luck, and that it was purely a coincidence. For someone who’s been discussed as a potential Presidential nominee, and currently the Senate majority leader, even the hint of misappropriateness will linger, and a discovery of wrong doing will not only ruin his political career, it will go a long way of painting the current Republican party as one of double standards and, as Dean said “made their culture of corruption the norm”.

Blogging with MarsEdit

So I’ve been looking at some Mac OS X apps, for various tasks. I’ve started using RSS more and more, and I’m not too keen on the Sage extension for FireFox. Mainly because of screen real estate on the ol’ ibook. NetNewsWire seems to be the choice, and through that, I’m playing with Mars Edit, a blogging app. So this is my fist attempt at blogging outside the web interface. If it works out, it may be an easier way to post, if nothing more than the built in spell check. We’ll see about the other features. Downside is it’s not a free app, so it better well prove to invaluable, or when its trial runs out, to the curb with it.

Bush Administration Wins Emmy

Well, in a round about way. John Stewart and his show The Daily Show won an Emmy Last night for some kind of comedy show. I didn’t watch the awards, rarely have. I was busy with my own comedy of errors, but that’s another story. But in some fashion, if he didn’t do it last night, Stewart has to share that award with the Bush administration. Know that Stewart is an equal opportunity critic, and his jokes are only pointed towards those who blow it, not one party or another.
But my real question is this – Does this award create an even greater undercurrent of anti-administration disdain, or does painting The Daily Show as pure comedy, and not satire, minimize the sad truth that is at the core of most of Stewart’s show?

Just a test, move along…

So I can post with this contraption, but I don’t see all the options. I see a thing for categories, but I can’t see how to add them. This wouldn’t be very handy if I’m stuck with the generic default category. I do like the idea however, of having a single interface that I post from. So my WP Station blog, cookingwith, etc. all come from here.

EDIT OK, so I quit, and reloaded MarsEdit, and was able to “refresh” my site, and categories loaded. Good. I’ll add my cooking site later, to see how that handles a multitude of categories. I’m also curious about tags, but that’s for another post. I’m starting to like this “blogging client” situation.

No More Free NY Times

Looks like starting tomorrow, the NY Times is handcuffing its content. Rather, handcuffing its readers. Times Select, they’re calling it. $40 bucks a year if you sign up by today, $50 otherwise. Sure, some of the stuff will be free, but the good stuff, the Maureen Dowd articles, well, that’ll cost you. However, in addition to the current content, the subscription will get you access to 100 archived articles a month. And, if you subscribe to home delivery, then it’ll be free. What to do, what to do. (Anyone want to split a subscription?)

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They Said No One Anticipated It – Hurricane Pam

Much has been written and discussed regarding the preparedness, or lack there of, in Louisiana, and surrounding areas, especially regarding the levees. So much to my surprise, I get an email today from , and it leads off with a link to the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security. The link is a repost of a Times Picayune article outlining a dry run done July of 2004, before Charley and Ivan, of the effects of a Cat 3 storm on the levees and underlying parishes. Just another example of ineptness, and deceptions the administration continue to hide from.

High and Tight

‘Judges Are Not Politicians,’ Roberts Says
I’m not quite sure ‘ol John is really a baseball fan. I’m sure George Will could give a few better analogies than calling balls and strikes if he’s looking to paint himself as a straight shooter. Anyone who watches baseball knows that sure, there’s a strike zone, but every home plate umpire calls a slightly different strike zone. And some call a different strike zone for veteran players than rookies. Jeter doesn’t neccessarily get the called third strike that Julio Lugo does. And one guy may call low and outside a strike after the third, and another gives the pitcher a wider strike zone. So therein lies the question Mr Roberts, where is your strike zone? Are you going to give the pitcher the outside pitch, or are you going to call ‘em high and tight?

Poor Mr Brown

Poor, poor, Mike Brown. He feels humiliated that he was pulled out of New Orleans. How bloody humiliated are the people living in conditions in the hurricane stricken region? How much money of ours has been squandered in the lack of preparation? And to that end, is this another “falling on the sword” loyal lap dog? At what point will the Bush administration, and Bush specifically be held responsible for appointing lap dogs like Brown. How many deaths will it take? Obviously more than 2000, as Iraq has proven. But how about the 45 dead bodies that were found in the hospital today? Were they preventable? I wonder how they felt about the privatization of Social Security?

Bush Suspends Minimum Wage in Federal Contracts

Proclamation Apparently, there’s provisions that state the Labor Secretary sets a minumum wage to pay various levels of laborers and “mechanics”. Well, Bush has suspended this provision. It’s written into the provision that he can, and in some circumstances, I can understand why. But we are talking about Bush, and Cheney, and I can see how some corporate contractors seize an opportunity to not pay laborers a federally mandated min. rate, but still charge their “normal” fees. So prior to the Hurricane, a skilled worker in NO would have been paid a certain rate if working on a federal contract, now he will be paid less. Good thing those tax cuts went to those who needed it most…