Debugging my cola syrup & I reduced the ingredients down to just orange & ginger. Believe since I’m using micro plane for zest, I just want to add it at very end after others have simmered. Too bitter at time it takes to infuse other flavors.

The best philosophy. Core should be lean. Mix and match the features you need, as you need them.

I saw the name of the kid that hacked Twitter and had to do some math on another young person I know with same first name that I could totally see doing something like that. Except he’d use the money to stock a food pantry.

If Florida responded to hurricanes the way DeSantis has handled Covid-19, we wouldn’t have building codes, there wouldn’t be public shelters & you wouldn’t be able to get sandbags. We’d shrug if a couple dozen people died. 10,000 people flooded? That’s a local problem.

Worth pointing out to my Florida friends that a hurricane that stays off coast spells danger to our neighbors up the coast. A weak tropical storm over Florida for a couple of days wouldn’t be horrible. Rain for year is down. Everyone staying home for 2 days wouldn’t hurt.

Trying to decide if walking out half mile into bay to a fishing spot & being run off by a 4′ Bonnethead shark was the best or worst thing that’s happened this week. Leaning towards best. We were in 3′ of water.