Everyone making jokes about 1700 engineers (it’s funny) but 5 folks are probably banging something out to shut the world up & will have it ready Tuesday. Some if…then statements & a map to all the participating testing locations based on your location if you share it or search.

Artists are starting to add their merch and music to https://missedtour.org I encourage everyone to start clicking around, listening to some music and purchase directly from the artist. Ignore the market, the real economy is down here on the street.

Web hosting is to developers what produce purveyors are to to chefs. Sure, it’s better to go to the market and buy it all yourself but at some point, that doesn’t scale. So you either build a relationship one with one, or you bounce around every six months.

What do you do?

I’m a web developer.

Oh, you’re a web designer!

No. Developer.

What’s the difference?

I’m not the architect or interior designer. I lay the foundation, frame the walls, run the plumbing & electric.

To withstand a hurricane or not catch fire.

If I could teach one thing to new developers is to read the docs. THEN, if you still don’t understand the docs, look for code snippets. THEN, submit a pull request offering a suggestion on how they can be improved.

Pro-tip: html & css have docs.