related to my last thought, has anyone ever just archived their blog and started over? I’m tempted to just put everything in a subdomain and start over from scratch. I’m also tempted to retire domain as primary 🤔

Found myself looking at filter and config docs for a static site engine before I really know what I want my next personal site to do/look like. Time to take my own advice and just write some HTML and CSS and figure it out from there.

I’ve tried every git GUI client there is, and @GitKraken saved me a ton of time last week. Just upgraded to their pro plan. And if just 10,000 of you do the same, I can get a free Tesla No, seriously screenshot of referral program showing 10000 gets Tesla model 3

Free startup idea: MeetMeIn – a database of all tech events and friends put in their interests and matches them with a conference they would all enjoy. Meet IRL opps galore.

So my tale of getting webserver working again in Mojave stands at this: nginx is running. When I run a port scan on localhost port 80 diesn’t show up. Now if I fire up a simple server with python python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 I get a system prompt for permission to listen and then http shows up in port scan. Somehow I need to trigger than permission for nginx is my guess. Anyone experience this?

I feel like I need to pay someone for an hour to hold my hand to get up and running on Docker. I just want the same familiarity of using git and CLI to work locally as I have with homebrew (that’s kinda borked right now.)

so using certbot-auto and prefered challenge dns for subdomain wildcard and TLD it wants you create two TXT records in DNS for same _acme_challenge but AWS Route 53 doesn’t allow duplicate TXT records. 😂

Watching packages get updated for a server to host a “web app” and it is easy to forget how much work is quietly being done before the first piece of html is written.