2 things I learned in kitchens that I think applies to the dev world. Will always be someone who knows more & someone who is faster. Rarely the same person. There’s usually a reason something is done a certain way even if everyone knows it’s not the optimal solution.

Million things on my mind but seeing Beastie Boys pass through my timeline and all I can think of is one of my mentors yelling “NEEDS MORE SALT” over the boom box blasting Paul’s Boutique. New Orleans guy meets Tampa kid in Denver. Hilarity ensues.

after years of blindly only using Sheilashine to clean/polish stainless in professional kitchens, TIL a little mineral oil on a clean soft rag works just as well. And no I’m sure they took time off my life fumes.

Just to clarify my thoughts from yesterday, I’m not quitting the Internet, I’m simply moving on from pursuing it as a career or volunteering my time to build things for it. I’ll still use it for the next chapter.

July was brutal to me on many fronts, but probably none more so than to come to the realization I’m really not good at building things for the web. Consider this the start of a draft for a long goodbye and return to analog/physical production. Y’all are amazing.