I should be writing an intro email for a job that seems really cool but I’m helping with this project for a non-profit and OMG the pleas for help via Messenger for basic necessities and yeah well I can’t write that letter until I have tried to help fix this.

gosh dangit I’ve been procrastinating on something too long. Putting my head down, digging into @jensimmons Layout Land and getting this done. If you don’t hear from me in a week, the minotaur got me.


Listening to pundits discuss if Pelosi should pre-emptively withdraw her name from being considered for Speaker of the House if Ds take majority & just throwing out Speaker John Lewis has a pretty nice ring to it.

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As I’m reading these @EagleEyeMSD articles http://eagleeye.news/news/florida-legislature-passes-gun-safety-proposal-named-in-honor-of-msd/ http://eagleeye.news/feature/senior-brandon-huff-tries-to-run-into-freshmen-building-to-save-his-girlfriend/ I discovered that it is a WordPress site and I’m...

If I told anyone 10-12 years ago advocating for self-publishing on the web a high school thrust to the center of a tragic event would be using WordPress allowing teens planning to be doctors write about the events from their own perspective, they’d say it was worth every effort.

So I did that thing where two smart women were talking and I butted in asking if a dude had written about the thing they were discussing & sure enough, it was one of said smart women who wrote it, not the dude.

Don’t be me.

Apologies again @BraveTart & @rubyjnkie

This is a reminder note to blog about using a newer version of certbot with an existing letsencrypt conf and it not doing what you think it should do. (hint, it created example.com-0001 along with existing example.com)

say it louder for the people in the back 👊