Seeing it Through

I’ve mentioned in a couple of notes that I applied and have been accepted into the GitHub sponsors program. But I’ve been working on these ideas and tools for a lot longer than that and I would like to complete them. Any sponsorships go towards expediting the timeline.

The Goal

Quite simply, my goal is to build and document how to get an IndieWeb blog without touching code using Jekyll/GitHub Pages and/or Netlify. Equally with a one-click WordPress installation. All the front end code will be written in simple HTML and CSS with templating language markup that is equally self explanatory.

Full documentation on how all the pieces are put together if you want to tinker. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have to think about it. And if you want to host all of the parts your own, there will be documentation for that as well.

The Plan

The main work has been done in the Jekyll-IndieWeb project for rewriting the CSS, minus bugs. The next step is to fine tune the HTML and Liquid to be mf2 compliant.

From there, release the beta and hopefully get some feedback while working on documentation.

Meanwhile if I have additional time to commit, I will begin implementing the basic markup and CSS from Jekyll-IndieWeb 2.0 to Permission for WordPress. I’m happy with the defaults I’ve settled on and can always tweak as needed for a dynamic site.

If not, once 2.0 of Jekyll-IW is released, begin that work in earnest.

The term “eating one’s own dog food” or “dog fooding” will be on full display. I will be putting the Jekyll project/theme on my new personal website. I am keeping for a playground and open online notebook which will switch to the new theme as soon as it can be installed and be a live work in progress. The personal website is where I intend to post my writing and photos.


Based on my currently available time, I believe:

  • beta release November 8
  • final release 2 weeks after that baring any major issue arising
  • alpha release of Permission December 8

If you would like to help speed up the timeline, every sponsorship, every dollar helps

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