Link Roundup – June 5 2019

Let’s Clarify some Misunderstandings around Sign In with Apple
Aaron is the smartest person I know on this subject so I recommend reading his clarifications if you don’t understand what Sign in with Apple means.

adactio shares the W3C Ethical Web Principles
* There is one web
* The web should not cause harm to society
* The web must support healthy community and debate
* The web is for all people

Your first performance budget with Lighthouse
I recently discovered the Lighthouse CLI which creates a handy html report for a site. So you can navigate to your local repository for a site, run lighthouse <url> and it will generate the report with a timestamp so you can commit & track reports. Adding in a budget makes a lot of sense. How you budget is an entirely different conversation.

Self-Host Your Static Assets
I’m a strong believer in building in performance early and often as it’s the easiest way to plan for scale. But for me it’s mostly been theory.

Open gardens
Manton eloquently summarizes a lot of discussion happening in certain corners of the web. Corners I prefer, that are slowly getting bigger. If you look at the above Ethical Web Principles, you will see a lot of overlap with the IndieWeb communities principles. Having your own web identity in the form of a URL that you control your content on goes a long way. Concerned people are working to make doing that as acessible as possible. It’s why I work on Jekyll IndieWeb.

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