The Plan

I’ve really wanted to make the jump back to static and use @eleven_ty this time. Mostly to get more famliar with Node/JS, but also because I love the flexibility. This site currently runs on WordPress, but that experiment is beyond its use by date.

Wanting and doing are always two different things for me. I’ve been eyeing @paulrobertlloyd’s new site using Eleventy and noticed he’s using Liquid templates (which makes sense since he was on Jekyll previously.) Which got me to thinking—my jekyll-indieweb repo has quietly amassed 40 ⭐ and over a dozen forks. Maybe it’s time to update that first.

So that’s the plan. A complete rewrite of the markup/CSS with the goal to use css grid and have just enough design that it can stand on its own, but be a better starting point to customizing a personal site.

Jekyll supports Gem based themes now and GitHub hosted sites (gh-pages) can use themes that are public repositories. That should actually make it easier to start a new site, use the theme and be up and running with microformats2 and easily customize, without having to track updates/changes to the theme, as well as over ride default styles.

The theme will also be fully WCAG2AA along with updated mf2 through out.

From there, I will port the templates from Jekyll and use those same templates with Eleventy.

I will be making the switch on the repo soon, there is still a tagged release for the old version, but I doubt anyone is using the exact code at this point.

Also at some point my blog will make the switch, possibly first to Jekyll to work out webmentions and debug mf2, then Eleventy. I’m even contemplating making the move before I figure out how best to export old comments/reactions with that on the backlog. Maybe.


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