Simple Flowchart with Mindnode

I find myself more now than ever wanting to visualize a workflow before beginning to build it. Often that means a basic flow chart. But a simple digital tool that worked on Mac seemed elusive.

Until I began poking at Mindode more. I mentioned I started exploring it last month and it’s been a pleasure. Last night, poking around more, I realized you can add addtional “main nodes” and then connect them. You can also edit the line size of connector. The trick was ⌘ clicking each node, then ⌃ clicking for the dialog box to connect the nodes. The order you click the nodes determines the direction of the connection.screenshot showing how to connect two nodes in Mindnode

I’ve only scratched the surface but this all but solves my search and solidiies the app as an essential tool. Mindnode is available as part of a Setapp subscription.

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